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UDAO Token’s Solid Market Debut: One Step Forward To Building a Strong Foundation in Digital Education and Skill Development

Supported by significant community and enthusiast backing, UDAO has successfully listed its token on major centralized exchanges. This event marks a significant milestone for UDAO, as the token’s performance post-listing has demonstrated strong initial market enthusiasm and investor confidence. 

The UDAO token has shown notable performance since its listing on two major centralized exchanges. Initially, the token reached its all-time high (ATH) of $0.4414 on June 20, 2024, reflecting strong initial market enthusiasm and investor confidence. Despite experiencing a subsequent price drop, UDAO demonstrated resilience by stabilizing its price at approximately $0.274 in a short period. This rapid stabilization showcases the token’s ability to regain market confidence swiftly, highlighting a strong community support​​.

Key metrics indicate that UDAO’s performance on these CEXs has been robust. One exchange recorded a trading volume of approximately $211,579, accounting for 61.61% of its total volume, while another saw around $131,578, representing 38.31% of the total volume. These figures underscore the strong initial trading activity and the token’s ability to maintain investor interest. The quick recovery and stabilization of UDAO’s price reflect substantial market confidence and support, positioning UDAO well for future growth and stability in the cryptocurrency market​

UDAO is a Web3 platform for learning job-relevant skills and finding the next career step, developed by AI experts from ETH Zurich. Over a billion people need to reskill by 2030 as half the skills today will become obsolete or automated. UDAO aims to offer a solution for rapid and cost-effective reskilling, bringing the right person with the right skills to the right place. UDAO addresses a significant problem: 87% of organizations can’t find the skilled people they need, and many university graduates feel unprepared for the job market. With AI and technological progress, this trend is only increasing.

UDAO bridges skills development with the job market through a platform offering rapid, cost-effective, and job-demand-driven reskilling and upskilling. It provides personalized learning paths that adapt to the pace of AI and technological change, skill assessments for verified skills, and a skill-based job matching algorithm to find the right talents. UDAO’s AI-based Skills Engine focuses on the demand for role-specific skills and offers a dynamic skill model that adapts to emerging competencies and industry needs.

What makes UDAO different is its integration of the EdTech and Recruitment markets, providing a single touchpoint for learners. UDAO focuses on job-relevant, market-demanded, and emerging skills rather than basic education. Learners can concentrate on their individual skill gaps and enjoy personalized learning experiences. Additionally, UDAO verifies skills assessments to ensure qualified applicants in the recruiting process, making the reskilling and upskilling process faster and more effective than traditional education systems.

The UDAO Token is a hybrid token that enhances the user experience on the UDAO platform, serving as both a digital currency and a key component of the ecosystem. It enables governance, platform utility, rewards, and other benefits, aligning the interests of all participants, incentivizing higher engagement, and ensuring value creation for all. UDAO tokens grant holders the power to participate in decision-making processes, stake for exclusive access and discounted services, earn tokens for contributions and engagement, use for transactions within the platform, and gain platform ownership, fostering a sense of belonging and active participation.

Following its successful listing on major exchanges, UDAO plans to focus on enhancing its ecosystem by developing a comprehensive learning marketplace and a job marketplace to connect learners with employment opportunities. UDAO aims to form global partnerships to expand its reach and ensure its platform remains accessible and relevant worldwide. To support these efforts, UDAO will implement strategies to increase token liquidity, facilitating smoother transactions and purchases within the platform. Additionally, a robust marketing strategy will be executed to boost UDAO’s visibility and emphasize the advantages of holding and using its token, driving engagement and growth within the community.

About UDAO 

UDAO is a Web3 platform designed to help users learn job-relevant skills and find work. With the rapid advancement of AI and technology, over a billion people will need to reskill by 2030, as half of today’s skills will become obsolete or automated. Traditional education systems are falling short, and UDAO aims to bridge this gap by offering a solution for rapid and cost-effective reskilling.

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Name: Selim Kangeldi

Email Address: [email protected]

Company Name: anywAI AG

Country and City: Switzerland, Steinhausen