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The launch of the BTCa coin on 02.02.2022 and its prospects

Harju maakond,Tallinn – BTCa is a new and technologically fork of bitcoin. The goal of the project is to make bitcoin available to all users. Bitcoin mining becomes more difficult every day. Our fork allows to mine bitcoin simply, safely, ecologically and efficiently, thanks to the use of the POS algorithm.

The BTCa coin operates on the forward-looking and actively embedded cryptocurrency consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake, which ensures rewards to all network members involved in its development.

The coin has its own wallet, presented in three versions (web wallet, mobile application, desktop version).

Its own handy mobile application that allows to make transactions and manage finances from anywhere in the world. Extensive functionality for real-time operation and control of funds at any time.

The scope of the coin is very large – it can be a profitable investment instrument or a means of payment.

The BTCa coin is being scheduled to launch on 02.02.2022.

A Mission of BTCa

The mission of BTCa is to create a digital community, each member of which could have a stable passive income from bitcoin mining, regardless of the type of activity and experience with cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency community is open to anyone who shares the views of the coin’s creators to mining can and should be green, simple and accessible to everyone. BTCa – for the mining without huge investment in equipment.

The main difference of BTCa from other projects is its technical characteristics. Low transaction cost, excellent scalability and network protection protocols from external interference. All of this make the coin a powerful competitor in the cryptocurrency market.

The prospects of the project are well visible in the creation of a stable and decentralized coin, which allows its holders to conduct a wide variety of operations as easily as with fiat currencies. In this, the ratio of the coin 1:1 to bitcoin is guaranteed. It means that investing, buying and selling BTCa is as profitable as dealing with bitcoin. Moreover, the value of the coin increases with the price of bitcoin. The higher value of the coin, the higher reward from staking coin and holding masternodes.

Buying, selling and investing BTCa on such exchanges as:

Perspective of BTCa

The project participants, as well as the administration, are interested in the continuous and comprehensive development of the project. Nowadays, in addition to coins and masternodes, a web-wallet has been developed for all types of transactions and a desktop wallet supported by all operating systems – Windows, Linux and MacOS for investors can create their own masternodes and engage in coin steaking.

The decentralized cryptocurrency of BTCa looks far into the future. Big plans for the next few years – launch of own P2P-system and release of a payment card, which will allow to pay for purchases as simple as credit or debit. Constant attracting of investors, development of digital ecosystem, integration of coins in payment systems – priority directions of BTCa project development.

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