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Start Interstellar Exploration in Web3 Oriented Game — iFighter Infinity

“Where no man has gone before” is a phrase made popular by Star Trek.

Inspirations to explore the future and the unknown are always a topic of human life. The Interstellar exploration has become a sci-fi-turned theme of real space probes. The passion of human beings for outer space is eternal.

iFighter Infinity is a flight action game based on blockchain technology and themed after interstellar exploration. The free and open blockchain gaming platform is established on the smart contract, ensuring the scarcity of your digital assets in the game and asset liquidity in a trustworthy trade market, without a decentralized third party and person. Players can upgrade the capacity of their warships and equipment by participating in all sorts of gameplays. Every warship has its unique technical parameters which endow warships with different capacities. Due to the tamper-proof feature of blockchain technology, nobody but you can remodify, copy or burn your warships and equipment.

The goal of iFighter Infinity is to establish a Web3 Oriented Game based on blockchain technology. Players have the right to access the data and players all around the world can jointly create an interesting and prosperous crypto economy.

Special advantages of iFighter Infinity

Based on the combination of GameFi and SocialFi, and the application of IPFS data, iFighter Infinity has solved market problems which most game programs are facing, and it has an edge in a broader market.

First, within iFighter Infinity, the game behaviors of all players will be financialized, as well as their social behavior. The joint effect produced by GameFi and SocialFi plays an important role in iFighter Infinity as the core system of the game, making the game behaviors of every player meaningful and valuable. In a gaming system with features of social life, more users can join in the game than other similar games and they can communicate and cooperate easily, activating the community environment of the game.

Second, iFighter Infinity has used NFTs to represent warships and equipment in the game. Values behind every NFTs become clearer and easier to choose because players can see the value increase of every NFT. Players can either choose to feel it or enter the market. At the same time, iFighter Infinity has set up an NFT Market for NFT assets so that players can trade their NFTs freely, increasing the liquidity of NFT.

Third, iFighter Infinity has solved the problem that documents of NFT digital assets cannot be stored and saved. iFighter Infinity used the mature and widely-used decentralized storage plan – IPFS to save the documents. Those documents will not rely on any centralized platform, providing more security to the assets.


In iFighter Infinity, the game has gameplays including completing missions, synthesis, gaining more genius, infinite battles, and arena.

First, missions completion. To unlock higher mission levels, players have to defeat more enemy warships to receive a certain amount of rewards, which enables players to come to new areas and be one step closer to finding the way home. 

Second, warship and equipment upgrade. Players can synthesize equipment in similar qualities to get higher quality equipment through all sorts of iRon and iGas. All syntheses require a certain amount of iRon and iGas.

Third, genius. As the commander, players can hone their talents through combat and can enhance them by spending talent points and iGold. The enhancement of talents means players can explore new spaces and warships with more power, as well as more loot and profit.

Fourth, infinite battles. The game has many hidden ways to play. Players can stay in the mission and win a large sum of resources as a reward by continuously destroying enemy warships. All special missions have a special reward combination, meaning that the requirement for the warship, equipment, and painting is higher than normal missions. It should be noted that a special mission is very risky for it cannot be paused or stopped until your warship was destroyed by the enemy.  

Fifth, in the arena, players can start their battles and be judged by setting the results of the completed matches so that the players with strong combat power can get extra rewards. Players can also compete in the arena through simulated battles to compete with the ability of their respective ships, and the winner of each competition will receive some rewards, while the loser will receive the penalty of being less skilled than others. The arena will be ranked by season, and the top players will be rewarded with special packs provided by the developers.

Economic model

In iFighter Infinity, there are four different tokens: iGAS, iRON, iGold and IIS. All of them can be gained through the trade market and within the game.

iGAS is the driving energy of the warships, and each mission will consume a certain amount of iGAS, and the amount of iGAS will depend on the mission. iGAS can be replenished in various ways, such as defeating an enemy ship, completing a mission, daily mystery box, and random mystery events. Our system will drop a few mysterious boxes in an irregular manner.

iRON is a combination of parts to improve the performance of warships and equipment. Different technical parameters of warships and equipment will determine how many iRONs it will cost, and the amount consumed will also depend on the commander’s talent. iRON is also available during the course of the battle, and after completion, you will be rewarded with a corresponding iRON. Different combinations of warships, equipment, and talents will have different amounts of rewards in different mission play, and a reasonable matching strategy is a key to getting rewards.

iGold is a valuable resource obtained during battles and is required for upgrading ships, equipment syntheses, equipment upgrades, and talent upgrades. iGold can be obtained during mission levels or you can try to buy it from the marketplace. If you have excess iGold, you can sell it in the marketplace and exchange it for the crypto assets you need. The rate of iGold production in the system is dynamically calculated based on the number of players per day. When the number of players consuming iGold per day is small, the rate of iGold production will remain low and vice versa. The rate of iGold production will be accelerated and eventually will not exceed the set maximum production rate.

IIS (iFighter Infinity Stakes) is the governance token of the iFighter Infinity. The members of iFighter Infinity have the final decision on the design of the gameplay in the ecosystem, as well as the right to upgrade the GameFi and SocialFi contracts. Holders of IIS can use it to acquire NFT assets in the marketplace or provide liquidity in AMM to earn iGAS and iRON rewards. 

To maximize and diversify players’ game profit, iFighter Infinity has set up AMM for iGAS and iRON, players can sell their iGAS and iRON or use them to provide liquidity mining to get double benefits.

iFighter Infinity also set up the mechanism of repurchasing and locking. By writing into the smart contract, 50% of the game profit will be used for repurchasing IIS and iGOLD and will be locked in iFighter Infinity DAO, forming a great economic closed loop and hyperdeflation. Players can play in the game at ease, free from any worries about wealth shrinkage caused by overissuance and deflation. Through the interaction of the four game tokens and proactive interventions from the game developer, the game will provide a guarantee for the player’s higher economic profit.


iFighter Infinity has not only provided a platform for an interstellar flight action game but also built up a complete social ecosystem. Players can have some fun over here and trade their NFTs to get economic returns. Based on the social feature, players can realize interpersonal communication and most behaviors in real life.

GameFi has led to the popularity of blockchain games. The future gaming trend is undoubtedly the combination of GameFi and SocialFi which ensures the formation of a more complete economic system in the game. Only if players can discover more value and meaning in the game will the life of the game be long enough.

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