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SCARCITY and REI NETWORK form a strategic partnership

The SCARCITY project announced a strategic collaboration with REI Network on March 27th.

SCARCITY is a decentralized social media service designed and developed to solve the problems of traditional centralized social applications and media.

REI Network is a network developed in line with the evolution of blockchain to achieve a lightweight, EVM-compatible, high-performance, and fee-free blockchain framework.

Through this partnership, the two companies plan to create a seamless environment for blockchain interoperability, including data transfer between blockchains.

The partnership will build data scalability for existing decentralized social applications on the SCARCITY platform.

“The connection between SCARCITY and REI NETWORK will make decentralized social media services more scalable and user experience more convenient,” said a SCARCITY representative, adding, “We plan to further enhance the perfection of decentralized social media services through this partnership.”