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No-code infrastructure management now available on the Energy Web Chain, powered by Zeeve

Irvine, California, USA/13 June 2023 — Energy Web, an independent non-profit that develops open-source software to accelerate the global energy transition, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Zeeve, a leading Web3 infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform provider, to integrate the Energy Web Chain (EWC) with Zeeve’s enterprise-grade infrastructure stack. 

Through this collaboration Zeeve is expanding the benefits of its automation platform to offer Energy Web member companies a managed, secure, and scalable service for running RPC and validator nodes on the Energy Web Chain. Zeeve’s IaaS solution is a significant step forward for companies seeking to develop solutions on and participate in the Energy Web Chain, as it enables companies to deploy validator nodes with a few clicks, or build complex energy solutions using Zeeve’s no-code web3 infrastructure.

“We are immensely excited to offer this integration with Energy Web Chain, paving the way for businesses to seamlessly leverage the Energy Web Ecosystem.” said co-founder and CEO of Zeeve Dr Ravi Chamria,  “In a sector where specific challenges demand nuanced understanding for impactful technology integration, Energy Web’s singular focus on the energy sector stands as a model. Zeeve takes pride in contributing the full power of its tech stack, offering easy onboarding, access to both the testnet and mainnet, one-click bootstrapping of validator nodes, all within a compliant framework ensuring security and data privacy.”

The Zeeve IaaS offering presents two distinct options: Managed Service and BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) for both the main EWC and Volta test network. With Managed Service, Zeeve will run EWC nodes in their own dedicated infrastructure on behalf of member organizations, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and security. Alternatively, BYOC empowers member companies to connect their preferred cloud provider’s API keys within the Zeeve system, enabling them to deploy nodes to their own cloud environment, including AWS, Google, Digital Ocean, and Tencent. 

Additional features for both options include the ability to perform automatic updates, real-time analytics and monitoring for node health, management of payout addresses and block rewards, and customizable alerts. By eliminating the operational complexities associated with deploying and maintaining validator nodes, companies can more efficiently contribute to the decentralized governance and operation of the Energy Web Chain.

“The collaboration between Energy Web and Zeeve marks an important milestone in the evolution of validator infrastructure for our enterprise member community,” said Jesse Morris, Chief Executive Officer at Energy Web. “Infrastructure-as-a-service streamlines the process of participating as a validator, allowing companies to focus on their core business while helping maintain the integrity and security of the network.”

Beyond the direct collaboration, both Energy Web and Zeeve are proud members of the Hyperledger Foundation, a global collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. This shared association within the Hyperledger community positions the partnership to gain enhanced visibility and foster further innovation within the decentralized technology ecosystem.

“Energy Web is a wonderful example showcasing how web3 can bring transparency, and trust to a complex industry like Energy and bring tangible impact.” said co-founder and CTO of Zeeve Ghan Vashishtha. “Zeeve further enriches this experience by offering an unified dashboard for detailed monitoring of cloud resources, node performance, and blockchain-level parameters for EWC, with proactive alerts and notifications.  By choosing to build with Zeeve, enterprises are bypassing several layers of infrastructure management, accelerating their time to production.”

For more information about Zeeve’s IaaS platform or to explore partnership opportunities, please visit

About Energy Web

Energy Web is a global non-profit accelerating the clean energy transition by developing open-source technology solutions for energy systems. Our enterprise-grade solutions improve coordination across complex energy markets, unlocking the full potential of clean, distributed energy resources for businesses, grid operators, and customers. Our solutions for enterprise asset management, data exchange, and Green Proofs, our tool for registering and tracking low-carbon products, are underpinned by the Energy Web Chain, the world’s first public blockchain tailored to the energy sector. The Energy Web ecosystem comprises leading utilities, renewable energy developers, grid operators, corporate energy buyers, automotive, IoT, telecommunications leaders, and more. 

More information on Energy Web can be found at or follow us on Twitter @EnergyWebX

About Zeeve

Zeeve is the leading Institutional staking and Web3 infrastructure provider in the world. Zeeve provides enterprise-grade web3 infrastructure, including full nodes and staking infrastructure for 40+ Blockchain protocols. Zeeve’s robust and reliable Web3 infrastructure platform has won the trust of thousands of web3 startups and investors across geographies. With 25,000+ developers, 30+ large enterprises, and 6000+ nodes, Zeeve is the preferred developer and staking infrastructure provider for all the popular Blockchain protocols.

Contact Zeeve by emailing [email protected] or visiting to learn how Zeeve’s web3 infrastructure services can help you kickstart or accelerate your web3 journey. 

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