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Mystery Coin Launches Mystery House with a Special Launchpad

Mystery Coin is here with yet another coin called Mystery House which will launch on July 11. The entire coin ecosystem is growing with their shared tokenomics. As the name goes, Mystery House is a house that will include all the other Mystery products and a launchpad with multiple functions. 

Mystery House is a multi-utility coin with the first utility being a SAFU launchpad that will be up and running in August 2021. In that, token holders can enjoy numerous advantages, one of them is having early access to new coin launches. The mystery house is the pass to utilise the launchpad completely. One has to hold mystery tokens to make use of any coins or tokens that will be released through the launchpad. 

Mystery House holders need not worry about having to hold the coin for a long time because interexchange is under development. Through it, one can change mystery houses for others at a very low tax fee. Things at the mystery family are getting spiced up with the launch of their house. The team is also planning to launch a merchandise shop that will sell things like t-shirts, keychains, and caps, a tracking and charting tools website, and a casino arcade. 

7% of the transaction tax will be used for development funds and 3% will be used for house maintenance. 

From July to October, the works will be on the mystery house launch. The focus is also on creating a Launchpad Beta for mystery coin launches. Finishing up the launchpad completely with allowing access to third-party applications and provisions for coin exchange. The last two months of this year will see the release of the merchandise and tracking & charting tools. Casinos will see the light of the day at the beginning of 2022. 

To learn more about Mystery Coin please visit their website –  

You can also join their Telegram and Twitter community for the latest project updates.

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