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Leetah Launches Presale Phase for LEET Tokens Eyeing $5 Million Soft Cap

The Leetah project has officially launched its presale phase for the platform’s native token, LEET. The project takes inspiration from the term “Leet” (“elite”) and the features of a cheetah in a fun crypto twist. 

With a 5-phased roadmap, this new meme coin has a serious design that wants to bring value to its community. The ongoing presale phase aims to raise a soft cap of $5 million, a new important milestone for the project.

Leetah’s Presale and Engagement Opportunities

The project’s presale will start at an initial price of $0.0065 for each LEET token. The team plans to leave the presale open until investors buy all allocated tokens. 

Specifically, with a total supply of 1,337 billion tokens, the presale will allocate 35% of this amount. Another 25% will let the team develop the project through its roadmap. LEET will go live through a decentralized exchange (DEX), for which the team allocated 30% of the token supply.

The remaining 20% will cover marketing expenses (10%), airdrops (5%), and affiliates benefits (5%).

The project will also feature a “Refer and Earn” program. The initiative will allow participants to earn additional LEET tokens by referring friends and family to the presale. With a 10% reward on their referrals’ purchases in USDT, this program incentivizes active promotion and engagement within the community.

Multi-Chain Launch Plans

Leetah aims to launch on multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Solana. This approach will not only promote accessibility for investors but also set the foundation for potential expansion in the future.

The project has already gained traction within select alpha communities with its unique presale strategy and innovative features. Specifically, this project’s plans feature five different phases:

  • Phase 1 (or “LeeTah is born”) involves launching social channels and the website, followed by the presale phase.
  • Phase 2 (“LeeTah grows”) focuses on community building and marketing initiatives while passing a contract audit for security purposes.
  • Phase 3 (“LeeTah roars”) will see an increase in marketing efforts and community contests. At this stage, the team also expects to conclude the presale phase.
  • Phase 4 (“LeeTah sprints”) will mark the launch of Leetah’s NFT collection and its listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
  • Finally, Phase 5 (“LeeTah Feeds”) will involve the project’s listing on major centralized exchanges and the launch of LEET TOOLS.

About Leetah

Leetah is a project driven by experienced developers to implement and test cutting-edge technologies in blockchain and digital token offerings. The project aims to be a leading name in Web3, pushing boundaries for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. 

The ongoing presale phase for its native token, LEET, aims to raise a soft cap of $5 million. Leetah plans to launch on multiple blockchain platforms and has an ambitious roadmap featuring 5 phases of development.

With its unique concept and strong team, Leetah wants to leave its mark in the Web3 sector. Anyone curious about Leetah and the LEET token can visit the project’s website. The social media pages below frequently share news on Leetah’s developments.

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