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What elements make Dragon Pool will become a “craze” in the NFT Game industry.

In 2017, the NFT game craze emerged globally. Its undeniable attraction comes from both playing and making money, high profitability. Millions of people started forming groups, inviting each other to play typical games such as: Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, CryptoZoon, etc. So what is NFT game? Why is it so hot in the gaming world? In addition, hat characteristics do Dragon Pool have that are superior to the issued Game Projects?

  1. What is NFT game? Why is it so HOT?

What is NFT game?

Game NFT refers to games built and developed on the Blockchain platform. Each game will have its own economy and Token (coin). Players when participating can earn valuable gifts in the form of NFT (short for Non-Fungible-Token). What is special and attractive to players is that the currency and items in NFT can be converted into real money through exchanges with very high value.

In the traditional gaming world, game companies have full control, they make a lot of money from in-game transactions, while players never actually own the items they actually bought with money. But blockchain games are changing that. If you buy an item in a blockchain game, then only you own it and you can do whatever you want with the item.

Why is it so HOT?

The Evolution of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology: It’s no exaggeration to talk about the explosive growth, breaking many records of the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to the strong development of the DeFi sector in particular and the entire cryptocurrency market in general, the crypto market capitalization has surpassed trillions of dollars, resulting in an increasing number of interested and engaged users, increase not only in crypto investment and trading but also in NFT Game.

Play games and make money at the same time: There’s nothing better than being able to make a living out of your passion. In addition, interesting gameplay and high profits make NFT games the first choice of gamers.

High Profit: Game NFT is a new lucrative environment for smart investors with many high-value transactions that are continuously communicated. It also partly promotes the mentality of wanting to get rich, causing many players to sign up for an NFT game account.

The prolonged Covid epidemic made many people stay at home, unemployed, and have a lot of free time in the whole world. The forms of making money online, at home will be of great interest to many people, the optimal choice in the middle of the epidemic season.

In particular, in the Dragon Pool Game, your “invisible” value (skills, ingenuity, talent and tactics) will be evaluated most accurately and fairly based on rarity and level of the Dragon, from which the final NFT value – DP NFT is obtained.

  1. Comparison of successful Game projects and potential Dragon Pool projects.
  1. Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity, a video game project combining blockchain that has caused a fever in recent times. Axie Infinity is a game developed and operated by Vietnamese people, operating on the Ethereum platform. Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land kingdom for their pets (called Axies).

Axie Infinity currently has a market capitalization of $2,546,082,420.

  • The Sandbox:

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based decentralized gaming ecosystem where users can create, share, and monetize gaming assets and experiences. The game was put to the test by the manufacturer Pixowl at the end of 2020 and is a blockchain project of the famous mobile game version launched in 2012. The goal of the game is to help players have complete freedom, not subject to the management of the game operator. Also in The Sandbox players can also create NFTs and sell them on exchanges

The Sandbox currently has a market capitalization of $443,792,035.

  • Decentraland:

Decentraland is a virtual world NFT game, developed on the blockchain technology platform, or more precisely, the Ethereum blockchain. The game was launched in 2016 by a group of Argentine developers. The virtual world in Decentraland is inspired by 2 games Second Life and Minecraft (the games with the most players in the world). Decentraland simulates a miniature society where players can create characters, build houses, buy cars, participate in events …

Decentraland currently has a market capitalization of 1,290,755,971 USD

  • Dragon Pool:

Dragon Pool is a game built on a combination of NFT IO-game (mobile game) platform and simple antagonistic blockchain. Considered a giant step forward in NFT technology – defining a new skill-based NFT asset class.

Each player will own a collection of one or more dragons to create value determined by the rarity and level of Dragon you achieve. Success or failure in skills, the value received will depend a lot on your skills, ingenuity, talent and reasonable tactics. The final NFT value can be measured and based on your skill.

 Axie InfinitySandboxDecentraland  Dragon Pool
Total SupplyNo max supply3,000,000,000 SAND2,644,403,343 MANA100,000,000,000 DP-NFT
Token StandardERC-20ERC-20 ERC-20BEP-20
Marketing ScaleFacebook, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Website, Announcement Channel.Facebook, Twitter, Website, Instagram, Telegram, Youtube, Medium, DiscorFacebook, Twitter, Website, Instagram, Telegram, Github, Youtube, Medium.Facebook, Twitter, Website, Instagram, Telegram, Github, Youtube, Medium, Announcement Channel.
How to playNewcomers will need to purchase (or borrow) a minimum of three Axies to start playing. Cheapest Axies Available From $70 to $250When starting to join the player must buy Land and build to create value. LAND public offering price is valued at $48.You really don’t need to spend a dime or download anything. This game is built on the web platform and is free for everyoneEach dragon training warrior will buy a dragon egg for 100.000 token, egg will hatch randomly: 01 level 1 Dragon Head. There are very rare Dragons that are hundreds of years old, if your egg hatches it, so honestly you are a very lucky person
Application EcosystemGlobalGlobalGlobalGlobal
Future potentialWith a market capitalization of over $4 billion (as of press time) and projected revenue of over $1 billion this year. It can be said that Axie Infinity has achieved incredible success. It is expected to continue to develop in the future and will be list on the transaction for players to make a profitSandbox has reached more than 50 partnership agreements including with Atari, Crypto Kitties, and Shaun the Sheep to build an innovative gaming platform, play to receive, create and own by the players themselves. Sandbox aims to bring blockchain into the gaming industry, attracting both crypto enthusiasts and gamers by offering advantages such as real ownership, rare digital assets, creation potential profits and engagement.Decentraland is increasingly asserting its position and potential on global exchanges. It provides an opportunity for investors to seize and take advantage of trading and exchange opportunities to earn huge profits. The potential of Decentraland is said to be very high, even the Mana exchange rate is predicted to continue to grow strongly in the near future.Although launched later, Dragon Pool will quickly conquer gamers and create a bright spot in the NFT Game industry in particular and the Blockchain system in general thanks to its advantages and differences.
  1. What elements make Dragon Pool will become a “craze” in the NFT Game industry:

– Value brings to players:

+ Completely different from the market trend when the NFT value does not have a specific, sentiment-based measure to determine the value. All efforts, rarity, depend on supply and demand, so it’s easy to manipulate by issuers.

+ Dragon Pool not only has normal play to earn value, modern NFT value is based on intrinsic attributes to measure player’s skills, thinking and tactics, that is the value players create and deserve to receive.

+ Dragon Pool is a complete game ecosystem that connects players and developers to create a strong exchange, connection and exchange community.

+ Becoming a stable and long-term job during the complicated development of the covid epidemic.

+ A solution to increase income without age and industry limits.

– Correctly assess the player’s value:

+ This merger between a new, decentralized, trust-agnostic, and immutable economic paradigm and one of the most popular pass-times in Human history (gaming), is surprisingly natural.

+ Players spend time playing. They develop skills with patience and persistence. Until today, their efforts were measured in their score, ranking and/or character evolution. Which leads us to Dragon – a game that allows players to capture their unique gaming achievements in their NFT.

+ Moreover, Dragon Pool makes certain achievements especially difficult to realize, allowing exceptional players to make their NFTs very rare and therefore very valuable.