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Web3 Founders Pitching to Top VCs at Decentralised Derby- QuillShield

Join us at Decentralized Derby – QuillShield, March 21, 2024: Web3’s big ideas meet big investors. QuillAudits is excited to announce the Decentralized Derby, which brings together the most creative and smart people in the web3 world. It’s where the future of blockchain gets shaped by those who dare to dream big.

What’s Decentralized Derby All About? 

At Decentralized Derby, you’ll meet entrepreneurs ready to showcase their big ideas to some of the top venture capital firms. It’s a place for the Web3 community to come together, share insights, and get inspired.

Who’s Pitching Their Big Ideas 

Sudipan Sinha: From an IIT dropout to making big waves in cybersecurity with his company, Chainrisk (formerly UNSNARL), with over two years of experience. Chainrisk (prev. UNSNARL) automates Economic risk management for DeFi Applications with Chainrisk Cloud. Orchestrate and simulate complex economic exploits, backtest them using Monte-Carlo Simulations, and receive on-chain economic alerts all in one place.

Madhur Prabhakar: With a decade of experience in government leadership and a passion for blockchain’s boundless possibilities, Madhur Prabhakar founded Dextr. Dextr is at the forefront of non-custodial crypto exchanges, introducing innovative solutions like account abstraction and Soulbound tokens. They aim to tackle challenges in custody, governance, and liquidity efficiency.

Tohidur Rohoman: Tohidur Rohoman, deeply involved in community and marketing at NFTFN, is a true web3 evangelist. His work at NFTFN is about opening up the world of Blue-chip NFTs to everyone, showing his commitment to the web3 community. NFTFN is the platform for trading Blue-Chip NFTs, Ordinals, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. It’s a web3 fintech company focused on democratizing access to Blue-Chip NFTs through innovative products leveraging non-fungible tokens.

Satwik Arghya Mukherjee: Satwik Arghya Mukherjee is about making things user-friendly at NFTFN. He mixes his skills in design and marketing to make the Web3 world easier for everyone to get into.

Why Should You Be There ?

  • Communities: Pitch your talent and get hired while staying ahead in web3; learn about new products and proven growth strategies from industry leaders. 
  • VCs: Discover high-potential web3 startups, Network with founders, and explore investment opportunities that could shape the future of technology. 
  • Buidlers: Pitch your ideas to top-tier VCs, Promote your product among the audience, Network with fellow builders and find potential collaborators.

Join Us at Decentralized Derby

Prepare to be part of an event where the future of blockchain and web3 is not just discussed but actively shaped through innovation and collaboration. Decentralized Derby is your gateway to becoming part of a movement set to redefine technology, investment, and community. 

If you’ve got an idea or project that could shape the future of technology, we’d love to hear from you. Sign up to pitch your project here.

And if you’re looking to dive into the world of web3, meet like-minded individuals, and expand your knowledge, grab your spot at the event here.

This is your chance to be part of the future of web3. Whether you’re looking to network, learn, or share your big idea, Decentralized Derby is the place to be. See you there!