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Velar Dharma Mainnet Goes Live: Marks the Beginning of Bitcoin DeFi Summer

Velar, the trailblazing DeFi protocol with Bitcoin finality, celebrates the launch of Velar Dharma Mainnet, a momentous achievement that propels decentralized finance on the Bitcoin network to unprecedented heights. This milestone presents users with an exceptional opportunity to tap into the true potential of DeFi while harnessing the strength and trust of Bitcoin.

With its revolutionary automated liquidity protocol, Velar Dharma Mainnet transforms the DeFi experience on Bitcoin, allowing users to effortlessly launch and trade tokens while earning substantial rewards through liquidity provision.

“We are at a defining moment for decentralized finance on Bitcoin, and the launch of Velar Dharma Mainnet is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of financial innovation,” said Mithil Thakore, Co-founder and CEO of Velar. “With our secure and user-friendly platform, users can unlock the full potential of Bitcoin while participating in the exciting world of decentralized finance.”

The resounding success of the Velar Incentivized Testnet, which attracted over 100,000 unique wallets and exceeded all expectations, underscores the immense demand for DeFi solutions on the Bitcoin network. Velar’s strategic collaboration with Bitcoin Startup Lab further cements its position as a leader in driving innovation and revolutionizing the decentralized finance landscape.

Looking ahead, Velar has a series of upcoming versions in the pipeline, including Velar Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Each version will introduce groundbreaking features that redefine the possibilities of DeFi on Bitcoin, such as governance concentrated liquidity, a high-efficiency decentralized exchange, perpetual derivatives trading with enhanced leverage, and a seamless cross-chain bridge.

Commenting on possibilities of DeFi on Bitcoin, Velar’s Cheif Strategic Officer Aravind Sathyanandham mentioned, “Ethereum is viewed as little more than a sandbox for children, while Bitcoin is eternal. Ethereum is a great experiment for NFTs and DeFi to take their first form, and now it’s Bitcoin’s turn.”

Velar’s journey has been shaped by the unparalleled security, network effect, and decentralization of Bitcoin, along with the scalability and programmability of Stacks, a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution. Velar Dharma Mainnet enables users to experience the transaction finality, security, and decentralization of Bitcoin while tapping into the limitless opportunities of decentralized finance.

For more information about Velar and the Velar Dharma Mainnet launch, please visit Join us as we revolutionize the future of DeFi on Bitcoin and embark on a transformative journey in the world of finance. It’s essential to keep in mind that this is a Beta mainnet launch, where the Velar team will test for security flaws and scaling issues. Users are advised to proceed with caution during swaps and not provide liquidity until the stable version of Mainnet is officially rolled out.

About Velar Protocol:

Velar Protocol is a leading DeFi protocol with Bitcoin finality, revolutionizing the way we interact with digital assets. Built on the Stacks L2 network and powered by Clarity language, Velar provides a comprehensive suite of DeFi products, including automated liquidity provision, token launches, and rewarding opportunities. Velar aims to unleash the full potential of Bitcoin and create a sustainable and inclusive financial ecosystem.