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“Trekki” Unveiled: Steps into NFT Realm, Fusing Travel and Web3 Universe 

In an innovative move,, a global giant in travel services, is stepping into the burgeoning world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With the launch of its maiden NFT collection called “Trekki,” the company is setting new industry trends in global travel services.

Unboxing the “Trekki” Collection

Embodying a lively dolphin cartoon theme, the Trekki assortment entails 10,000 exclusive NFTs. Each NFT, unique in character, is themed around diverse travel experiences and categorized based on their rarity. The official Trekki website is set to open for registrations in Q3 2023, with the NFT sale proceeding through blind boxes.

Journey into 

Renowned as an international one-stop travel service provider, offers an array of services such as hotel and flight reservations. It caters to multiple languages and countries, always striving to deliver superior travel experiences to its global customer base.

Fusing Web3 and Travel 

The Trekki initiative aspires to blend the Web3 landscape with the travel industry. By marrying unique experiences and digital collectibles, it targets Web3 nomads who value exclusivity. Each Trekki NFT holder gains the chance to unlock unique benefits on, creating a unique bond between digital asset ownership and travel activities.

Broadening Horizons with Web3’s debut in the NFT domain signifies its commitment to exploring the Web3 technologies frontier. In introducing the Trekki NFTs, the firm reasserts its pioneering position among global travel service providers. 

The project is also on the lookout for collaborations with successful Web3 players and tourism partners, aiming to enrich the rewards for NFT holders while bridging the gap between the digital realm and real-world travel experiences. 

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