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Traverse Mining Exchange; Invest in crypto mining at the best time with the best returns in the industry

Introducing Traverse Mining Exchange that is operated and handled by BWG Markets Ltd a financial entity and a crypto mining investment company registered in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines in 2016 with financial license number 23491 IBC 2016 with a registered office at: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

While businesses all over the globe are adopting crypto technology, there has also been a growth in businesses that let you invest in crypto mining. The crypto industry is just a little over ten years old, but there are already over thousands of different Mining exchanges that allow investors to invest in them. 

It may be difficult for novice crypto miners to differentiate between legitimate exchanges and those that doesn’t seem credible but a security and privacy remains always a major concern within the mining community. At Traverse Mining Exchange, your investment goes into a selected crypto currency mining portfolio that is monitored by a globally recognized team of crypto mining experts.

With all this happening worldwide, a new crypto mining exchange platform with a growing family of 400+ happy investors was born in 2019, Traverse Mining Exchange.

Why Choose Traverse Mining Exchange


The Traverse Mining Exchange is operated and handled by BWG Markets ltd, registered in 2016 under number 23491 IBC 2016 in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. With Traverse Mining Exchange, you will receive the best returns on your crypto mining investments. There are a number of crypto mining companies on the internet these days, but this is different. In the crypto mining exchange industry, it’s an established and fully licensed company. To generate substantial profit for you, Traverse Mining allocate your funds into their own mining portfolios. Getting a secure and safe investment return by investing here is bounded.

No Limitations

In addition There are no limits or  constraints of  countries or nationalities, anyone can invest in Traverse Mining Exchange from any country in the world and make money with monthly, quarterly and half yearly packages which make it more efficient.

Simple and Secure

Get started in minutes by choosing your favorite investment plan. You can monitor your account performance at any time once you have invested, so you will be able to see your account immediately after you have made the investment. The best part which is also appreciated by all customers is that at Traverse Mining Exchange your withdrawals are in your hands. Only you can withdraw money from your account and that makes it a very secure investment for you.

How to become an Investor

You can become an Investor by just registering over Traverse Mining Exchange Website followed by choosing an Investment Package  which are divided into three Plan packages that are Plan A, B and C which is further categorized in three different packages for convenience of Investors:

Monthly Return Package

Quarterly Return Package

Half yearly Return Package

Plan A

In a Monthly Return Package of Plan A, investors can invest from $500 to $25000 where they will make profit of 0.4% per day which in a month will be 12% which will go up to 36 % in Total.

In a Quarterly Return Package of Plan A, the same investor can invest from $500 to $25000 where they will make a profit of 0.5% per day which in a month will be 15% Which will finally make a profit of 45%.

In a Half Yearly Return Package of Plan A, investment that ranges $500 to $25000  will make a profit of  0.6% per day which accounts for 18% total in a month that will finally make a profit of Half Years.

Plan B

Monthly package in Plan B provides investors with the possibility to invest $26,000 to $45,000 and make 0.7% profit per day, which translates into 21% profit over a month and a total of 63%.

Plan B’s Quarterly return package allows investors to invest from $26000 to $45000 generating 0.8% profit per day, which is 24% per month, resulting in a 72% profit for the investor.

With a Half Yearly Return Package of Plan B, an investment that ranges from $26000 to $45000 makes a profit of 0.9% per day, making a total profit of 27% in a month, which equates to 162% after half a year.

Plan C

Monthly Package in Plan C provides investors with the possibility of investing $46,000 to $500,000 and making 1% profit per day, which translates into 30% profit over a month, accounting for 90% profit.

Plan B’s Quarterly return package allows investors to invest from $46,000 to $500,000  generating 1.1% profit per day, which is 33% per month, resulting in a 99% profit for the investor in a quarter.

A Half Yearly Return Package of Plan B makes a profit of 1.3% every day on an investment between $500,000 and $500,000, which equates to 39% in a month, or 234% after six months.

Additional Perks and Benefits


You will be provided with a Referral Link on your dashboard as soon as you register on Traverse Mining Exchange, which will allow you to earn. When a customer is introduced through your referral link and makes the first deposit, you will receive a commission of 7% of his capital amount up front.


As long as you bring in customers consistently, you will be rewarded with a referral bonus. Details can be found on the home page in the referral income section available in the dropdown of Account Section.

ConclusionInvestments are kept in a segregated investment account for buying and running multiple hash powers in order for speedy and hassle-free crypto mining. Traverse Mining Exchange is building a successful presence over the crypto mining world and across key continents and jurisdictions. Traverse Mining Exchange is providing a straightforward payment options for their customers to deposit and withdraw  using various Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, Dash, Zcash and Bitcoin cash. Also in some countries they are providing hassle free local deposits and withdrawals services. With all of this in mind, this platform is unquestionably a top pick for both newbie’s and experienced crypto Miners and investors.