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Top 5 Benefits of TurboXBT That Will Make You Switch Trading Platforms

Making it as a globally recognized digital asset trading platform involves offering unique trading features and demonstrating superior benefits over the competition.

We designed TurboXBT with these considerations in mind. Because short-term trading is not as popular as other trading models, we’ve gone the extra mile to make the user experience our top priority, including integrating a customer-centric approach in all that we do.

Here at TurboXBT, anyone can open a short-term synthetic trading contract and earn up to 90% profit in the process. 

Beyond this earning potential, here are five other benefits that set us apart from the competition.

Commission-Free Trading 

TurboXBT is a next-generation trading platform that believes in low fees for all our customers. We do not take a cut when you deposit, withdraw, or win a trade, meaning you get to keep more of your winnings.

Our no-commission policy is more than a marketing gimmick. Instead, we see it as empowering users to become more sustainable traders while having free access to leverage the high-earning potential of our platform.

There are no conditions to this; for example, users depositing as little as $10 get the same commission-free treatment as someone trading with $10,000.

No-KYC Policy

Data collection puts users at risk of cybercrime, such as phishing scams and data leaks. Exchange hacks in recent times have led to numerous instances of this happening, much to the annoyance of users.

TurboXBT does not need to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Users can register with an email address and start trading in as little as five minutes. We don’t snoop on who you are or sell your data, and there’s also no need to submit government-issued documents before starting.

This gives you complete anonymity, allowing you to focus on trading without fear of exposure to cyber threats. The added benefit for us, as a platform, is that hackers tend to focus their attention elsewhere.

Diverse Range Of Supported Trading Assets

Since our inception, we have offered users in-demand digital currency markets. Today, we support a total of 17 digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with more on the way.

But that’s not all; users can also trade commodities, for example, Brent, crude oil, gold, silver, and forex markets, including USD, AUD, CAD, JPY, CHF, GBP, and EUR, and stock indices such as GER30, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.

Our broad range of tradable markets makes TurboXBT an ideal choice for all classes of traders, regardless of preferred markets.

Multi-Language Support

At TurboXBT, we wish to make our platform available to as many traders as possible, irrespective of their native language. With that in mind, TurboXBT supports 16 languages, including Thai, Spanish, French, Chinese, and German, to name a few.

Switching between languages is quickly and easily done via the home screen in the language drop-down menu at the top.

Simplicity and Platform Speed

We understand that traders demand reliable trade execution. A significant advantage of trading with TurboXBT is our secure and dependable trading algorithm that captures the quickest market movements in milliseconds.

Add to that a platform devised with simplicity and ease of use in mind, and users need only think about calling winning trades.

The Best Choice for Short Term Traders

The advantages of using TurboXBT to meet your short-term trading goals are clear. But rest assured, we are continuously working on new innovations that will further set us apart from the competition.

Watch this space.