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STELSI Launches Web-Based D-App and Introduces 6,000 STLS Token Airdrop Event

STELSI officially unveiled its web-based D-App on November 9, 2023. This latest update enriches the user experience by incorporating advanced features like NFT trading and staking capabilities. In the previous version, STELSI introduced personal wallets and the STELSI NFT marketplace. With this update, users can now participate in NFT trading, earn rewards through NFT staking, and engage in various activities such as exploring buildings using an interactive map and joining building airdrops. These enhanced features were crafted to diversify user experiences and enhance convenience for STELSI users.

Simultaneously with the launch of the web-based D-App, STELSI has initiated an exciting airdrop event with various rewards. Participation involves simple tasks such as joining the Gleam event, pre-registering, and accessing the D-App, providing participants the opportunity to win up to 6,000 STLS tokens and exclusive premium building NFTs. The web version of STELSI offers a range of services with a focus on architecture and cultural arts, particularly highlighting NFT trading and staking mechanisms. Users can bring their architectural creations to life in the metaverse and explore new technologies.

STELSI, as a Web3-based metaverse project, aims to revolutionize the construction and real estate industries through blockchain technology. Envisioned as a lifestyle platform, the platform seeks to transcend traditional spatial experiences by creating a high-quality metaverse space with rarity and experiential value.

In a recent milestone, STELSI achieved a significant feat by securing strategic investments from NGC Ventures and Nexus One, esteemed global top-tier venture capital firms. Simultaneously, STELSI has reaffirmed its dedication to driving innovation in the architectural and construction sectors through the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the internationally acclaimed architecture firm, Junglim Architects jpa.. This strategic partnership underscores STELSI’s commitment to merging state-of-the-art blockchain technology with the profound expertise of architectural design, heralding a new era of groundbreaking developments in the industry.

This strategic move and collaborative effort not only mark a significant milestone for STELSI but also signify the growing intersection of blockchain technology and architectural innovation. For more details on the recent developments and upcoming events, refer to the [official announcement] (🏝️Celebrate the launch of STELSI DApp with BIG3 Event🔥).

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