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SafeMoon Space – THE NEXT BIG DeFi. Last Chance To Buy/Reserve SMSP Token

$SMSP Presale Only 6 Days Left For Investors. Today, the SafeMoon Space team announced on their telegram that they have raised over 720 ETH worth over $3M from $SMSP (ERC-20) presale tokens in Ethereum Mainnet. The team say we can’t wait for our journey to begin this month.

What Is SafeMoon Space ?

SafeMoon Space is Crypto with Confidence Audited, Decentralized, Fair & Support sustainable communities everywhere. $SMSP is an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token to be launched on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, BankCEX, and SMSPSwaps on November 20th. There are still HUGE incentives to get started with SMSP now. JOIN NOW TO GET 50% UP TO 100% BONUS.

Why Burn SMSP Tokens?

The first question that might come to your mind is why burn of $SMSP tokens after presale? For those aren’t familiar, burning tokens is a great way for projects to increase the scarcity of their tokens which in turn projects a value increase on each individual token.

Burning tokens is a great way for teams to show their dedication to the project and reassure investors that they will be able to recoup their initial investment.

Join the SMSP (ERC-20) — (BEP-20) Token Presale

SafeMoon Space are currently hosting a presale for their $SMSP token. The presale will last for only 6 more days for investors to BUY/RESERVE $SMSP token.

The minimum amount that can reserve SMSP (ERC-20) Token is 0.1 ETH.

The minimum amount that can buy SMSP (BEP-20) Token is 0.1 BNB.

Visit here to reserve SMSP (ERC-20) Token:

Visit here to book your spot:

You’re In The Right Place. Join presale to make the best decision for yourself.

1000x Good returns/buyback for big investor.
1000x more SMSP, for everyone.

$SMSP Staking

SafeMoon Space Swaps is Live on November, 20. You can stake your $SMSP token to start your passive income journey to financial freedom.

SMSP Staking App – Stake SMSP to earn more ETH

SMSP is a unique investment platform that leveraged 96% of presale capital to form a massive market on…

What is $SMSP Token DEX?

SMSP Token DEX Is redefining DeFi by creating a pure Financial Ecosystem. If you’re looking For the best Way to Earn Crypto, You’re In The Right Place.

SafeMoon Space supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Cross-chain DEX solving the ERC-20 to BEP-20 or BEP-20 to ERC-20 swapping problem.



Trade buy/sell will be live on Nov, 20th

We will launch in Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and BankCEX on Nov, 20th firstly

Once again, we told you guys buy $SMSP Token with cheap price before Nov, 20th 🔥🚀

To find out more about SafeMoon Space visit their website:

For the latest news about $SMSP make sure to follow their official twitter:

For the latest news about $SMSP make sure to follow their official facebook page:

To stay involved with the $SMSP community, make sure to join their telegram group: