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Ron DeSantis Vows to End Biden’s “War on Bitcoin”

GOP nominee Ron DeSantis vows to end Biden’s “war on Bitcoin” if elected, supporting crypto industry’s growth.

Key Points

  • Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential nominee, vows to end Biden’s “war on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency” if elected President.
  • DeSantis opposes central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and proposes legislation to block their launch in Florida.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic nominee, also supports the cryptocurrency industry and has invested in Bitcoin for his children.
  • Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, actively advocates for Bitcoin and receives his salary in the cryptocurrency, reflecting the growing influence of the industry in politics.

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida and a Republican presidential nominee, has stated that if he becomes the next President of the United States, he will put an end to the Biden administration’s “war on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

During a campaign event in New Hampshire, DeSantis outlined his economic policy, emphasizing his support for Bitcoin and the digital asset sector. He pledged that his administration would enable Americans to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and he promised to halt Biden’s alleged anti-Bitcoin campaign.

DeSantis’ Stance on Central Bank Digital Currencies

In addition to his support for Bitcoin, DeSantis has expressed his opposition to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). He has criticized CBDCs as tools for surveillance and proposed legislation in Florida to prevent their launch in the state. In his recent speech, DeSantis reiterated his stance, stating that one of his first actions as President would be to throw CBDCs into the “trash can.”

Other Presidential Candidates Support Bitcoin

Ron DeSantis is not the only presidential candidate who has voiced support for Bitcoin. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic nominee and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, has also expressed his backing for the cryptocurrency industry.

Kennedy has purchased 14 BTC for his children and has proposed strengthening the American dollar by backing it with real finite assets such as Bitcoin and certain precious metals. Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, is also a vocal Bitcoin advocate. He has implemented various initiatives in the city to promote Bitcoin and even became the first US politician to receive his salary in Bitcoin.

It is clear that the cryptocurrency industry has gained attention and support from several political figures, highlighting its growing influence and potential impact on the future of finance.