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Revolutionary Pre-sale Event Continues at VaseLabs with Exclusive Referral Rewards

Location, February 14, 2024 — As VaseLabs progresses through its highly anticipated pre-sale phase, the blockchain industry watches with keen interest. This pre-sale represents a significant milestone for VaseLabs, offering an exclusive chance for individuals to engage with an innovative Web3 ecosystem that expertly blends DeFi, AI, and NFTs to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the blockchain sector.

The ongoing pre-sale, already creating a buzz in the community, features a compelling referral program. Participants in this phase have the unique opportunity to earn a 5% commission for every successful referral, directly credited to their wallets. This initiative not only encourages active participation but also promotes communal growth and collaboration within the VaseLabs ecosystem.

Engaging in the pre-sale is designed to be seamless and investor-friendly. Investors keen on joining this pre-sale can do so effortlessly by following a simple process. 

First, investors should paste the pre-sale link ( in their wallet apps, ensuring they switch to the BNB network. Once on the page, the process involves a few straightforward steps:

  • Click on “Switch Network” to ensure compatibility with the pre-sale.
  • Select “Connect Wallet” and choose your preferred wallet service.
  • Enter the desired USDT amount for investment. The equivalent value in $VSE will be displayed.
  • Click on “Reload” to refresh the transaction.
  • A notification of ‘Transaction successful’ will confirm a successful purchase.
  • Reload the page to view the updated $VSE balance in your wallet.

Note: In case you see this pop up in the process of buying $VSE. Click reload & continue. This happens sometimes as a result of the transaction volume on the BSC network or your bad signal from network providers.

The structure of the pre-sale is carefully designed to offer a balanced and attractive investment opportunity. The initial phase of the pre-sale offers $VSE at $0.0834, while the second phase sees a nominal increase to $0.087. The total allotment for the pre-sale is 9,000,000 $VSE, with an initial release of 40% at TGE, emphasizing a well-planned and sustainable distribution strategy.

VaseLabs is addressing several key challenges in the blockchain realm, including the need for wider crypto adoption at grassroots levels, scalability issues within the technology, the absence of interoperability between DeFi and NFTs, security concerns surrounding smart contracts, and the frequent undervaluation of NFTs. By providing innovative solutions to these issues, VaseLabs is making strides toward more efficient, secure, and widespread blockchain utilization.

At the heart of the VaseLabs ecosystem is the Vase Token (VSE), which transcends the traditional role of a digital currency. It is pivotal in facilitating payments, evaluating NFTs, enabling staking, supporting SMEs, and granting governance rights to its holders. This multifunctional nature of $VSE makes it an integral part of the ecosystem, allowing holders to engage in unique raffle systems and play a role in shaping the future of VaseLabs.

VaseLabs showcases a diverse array of products tailored to user needs, including the Vase Token ($VSE), DNS Protocol, Midle, Vase Raffle, Bolster, O-Market, and VeStake. These offerings reflect VaseLabs’ dedication to creating intuitive, user-centric solutions and establishing its reputation for trust and reliability in the blockchain industry.

The preceding ICO private sale laid a solid foundation for this pre-sale, highlighting the potential and demand for the Vase Token. Priced at $0.055600, the ICO represented 10% of the total supply, setting the stage for the current pre-sale’s success. This ongoing phase is an extension and amplification of that success, drawing a broader audience to partake in and benefit from the VaseLabs ecosystem.

About VaseLabs

As a pioneering entity in the blockchain industry, VaseLabs stands as a beacon of solution-centric innovation, integrating DeFi, AI, and NFTs to address the prevalent challenges of the industry. VaseLabs’ commitment to fostering an inclusive Web3 ecosystem is evident in its array of innovative solutions, which synergize different technologies to overcome existing industry challenges and foster a thriving digital economy. Emphasizing collaboration over competition, VaseLabs is dedicated to promoting widespread blockchain adoption, particularly through support for SMEs, and is widely recognized as a bastion of trust and reliability in the dynamic world of blockchain technology.

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