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Qitmeer Network – Leading BlockDAG Technological Innovation to Build a High-Performance Public Blockchain

Qitmeer Network is a high-performance public blockchain based on the revolutionary MeerDAG consensus protocol. Adopting a Layer1+Layer2 network design, it promotes the development of network scalability and cross-chain interoperability. The graph ledger structure of the MeerDAG consensus protocol serves as the core engine, driving the efficient operation of the pluggable smart contract execution engine. The MeerEVM container layer connects the entire blockchain ecosystem, supporting the free circulation of cross-chain assets.

Technical Highlights

MeerDAG Consensus Protocol – Layer1 Data Scalability Solution

MeerDAG is a graph ledger protocol based on generalized Satoshi consensus, integrating the advantages of the GHOSTDAG protocol and SPECTRE consensus protocol, solving the transaction timing problem in DAG networks. By supporting asynchronous accounting through a cooperative model, the transaction confirmation process is decentralized, achieving high-concurrency transaction processing. The conservative TPS test value has reached 4000+, achieving a perfect balance between security, decentralization, high performance, and scalability.

MeerEVM – Pluggable Smart Contract Execution Engine

MeerEVM is the core component of the QNG Network. As a pluggable smart contract execution engine, it is driven by the MeerDAG consensus protocol. Perfectly integrated into the underlying Meer Network in a containerized manner, it provides developers with an efficient smart contract execution environment and low transaction fees. It is suitable for high-concurrency business scenarios such as GameFi, DeFi, SocialFi.

Meerlink Protocol – Blockchain Interconnection Communication Protocol

Meerlink Protocol is a unique Layer1 cross-chain interaction protocol developed by Qitmeer. Through the transaction synchronization consensus mechanism, it ensures the state synchronization of contract transaction data streams between different networks, achieving 1:1 equivalent exchange of Meer Coin under different network states of the UTXO model and account model.

Network Architecture

Layer1: Meer Network (Value Transfer Layer)

Meer Network is the key infrastructure of Qitmeer Network, a PoW underlying blockchain built with innovative BlockDAG technology and UTXO data model. As a secure value transfer layer, it provides security for network on-chain assets.

Cross-chain Hub: QNG Network (Cross-chain Container Layer)

The QNG Network is the latest generation evolution network of Qitmeer Network, built on the infrastructure of Meer Network. By integrating the MeerDAG consensus protocol and MeerEVM container layer, it aims to provide a new generation of implementable networks with superior performance, more reliable security, and broader scalability.

Layer2: High-Speed Subnet (Future Application Expansion Layer)

The Layer2 layer of Qitmeer Network is the ecological application expansion layer network, composed of multiple high-speed subnets (such as Amana, Flana, Mizana, etc.). This layer enhances the performance, scalability, and privacy protection capabilities of the decentralized network, providing strong support for applications in various scenarios.


Qitmeer Network provides an efficient expansion solution. It fully utilizes the high-concurrency transaction processing capabilities of BlockDAG, while providing an independent operating environment for smart contracts, laying the foundation for compatibility with other network container layers. Driven by technology, it solves the “impossible triangle” problem in the blockchain field.

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