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Pigcoin, a Meme Coin Based on Polygon, Surpasses 100,000 Holders in Just 25 Days

[Jan. 16, 2024] Pigcoin, the latest meme coin based on the Polygon blockchain, has officially surpassed 100,000 holders. This milestone was achieved just 25 days after its launch on December 22, 2023.

Pigcoin is a meme-based cryptocurrency operating on the Polygon blockchain. It offers fast transactions, low fees, and a community-centric approach, securing a unique position in the meme coin market.

Pigcoin has a total supply of 3 trillion tokens, of which 10% (300 billion tokens) is currently in circulation. Over the next ten years, 10% of the total supply will be distributed annually.

Market Performance

As per CoinGecko, Pigcoin boasts a market cap of $2.7 billion, with a current price of $0.0008986.

Pigcoin’s rapid growth rate showcases the increasing popularity of meme coins in the cryptocurrency market and highlights the robustness and efficiency of the Polygon network.

Rapid Rise in the Cryptocurrency Arena

Pigcoin quickly gained attention in the crypto world due to its unique branding and engaging community interactions. The rapid acquisition of a large user base demonstrates the coin’s appeal and the growing investor interest in meme-based digital assets.

Pigcoin’s founder expressed immense satisfaction at the overwhelming response, stating, “It’s a significant milestone for us to surpass 100,000 holders in such a short time, indicating the potential of meme coins in the crypto landscape.”

Commitment to Community and Innovation

Pigcoin’s success stems not only from its novel concept but also from efforts to create a strong, interactive community. The Pigcoin team has fostered a sense of belonging among holders through various social media platforms and community events.

Moreover, the development team of Pigcoin is dedicated to continual innovation and improvement, ensuring its dynamic presence in the market.

Outlook for the Future

As Pigcoin grows, the team is focused on expanding their influence and finding new ways to enhance user experience and value. With the solid foundation of a rapidly growing community and the support of the efficient Polygon network, Pigcoin’s future looks bright.

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