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OpenMeta Infinity Gems Campaign Starts, Airdrop Instructions Unveiled

The Odyssey event held by Arbitrum in June 2022 has attracted so much market attention with its large number of users completing tasks on-chain and the NFTs Free-Minted, making Arbitrum’s on-chain activity unprecedentedly high. As a result, more projects have also realized that airdrops seem to be an excellent way to motivate users and create popularity. The concept of Web3.0 is a relatively hot topic at present given the sluggish market right now. For NFT believers, NFT may be a ticket to the bright future of Web3.

OpenMeta’s overview

OpenMeta is a comprehensive NFT platform with high liquidity. It was invested and incubated by MDEX Foundation and has completed the deployment of BNB Chain, ETH, and Heco. It is equipped with five major features: NFT Primary, NFT Marketplace, Farm, NFT Airdrop, and My NFTs. Users can create (Gas-free minting) ,trade NFTs ( lowest handling fee of 2% on the BNBchain), and enjoy advanced services such as NFT primary release, purchasing mystery boxes, receiving airdrop rewards, and NFT stake to mine. 

OpenMeta is a user-friendly platform for both new and experienced users. It also has many advantages, such as a one-stop NFT service and various functions users need. In the future, we will see even greater potential in its development as a decentralized NFT platform.




OpenMeta Achievement Showcase

Since the official launch on January 14, 2022, OpenMeta has been running safely and yet launched more than 10 projects in their mystery box releases with the highest ROI of over 2000%. On the trading market part, OpenMeta is able to integrate with the majority of popular NFTs in the market and has optimized its core functions such as processing NFT transactions in an extremely fast and smooth mode, undoubtedly making the UI experience the top in the industry. Furthermore, in the NFT airdrop section, there are more than 20 activities held with NFT farming opened later on. So far, it has accumulated 25,000 USD in mining rewards, with more than 1,000 users participating. In addition, the number of followers on OpenMeta’s Twitter account and the community members has reached 60,000 in just half a year, which means a strong acknowledgment by the users.

Advantages of OpenMeta Airdrop function

OpenMeta is a one-stop NFT platform. The question of how to stand out in this huge NFT market and how to deal with the current market environment surely is the top priority right now for OpenMeta.

Despite the current market downturn, OpenMeta still carries a strong belief in the potential development of the NFT market. At present, NFT assets are mainly pegged to financial attributes. However, in the future of the Web3 world, an NFT can be a table, a glass of water, or a cloth, which means the financial attribute will be dramatically weakened by then. Therefore, it’s necessary to cultivate users’ habits in NFT minting and collecting. The supporting role of the Free Mint function in attracting users, especially in the background of the current bear market is obvious.

That is why OpenMeta launched the NFT airdrop function not long ago. Creating a win-win situation for the projects, users, and platform.

The platform supports projects to release their activity tasks. Users who complete the tasks can get free mint NFTs and rare NFTs. The existence of a primary market and a secondary market on OpenMeta sets it apart from the other task-oriented Free Mint platforms. In particular, its “one-stop” nature supports users from NFT minting to NFT listing and browsing all NFT collections in one place.

Recently, OpenMeta has made a lot of effort in planning a campaign called “Infinity Gems” through the airdrop function, injecting vitality into the market.

Infinity Gems campaign introduction

Infinity Gems is a large-scale united NFT airdrop event jointly organized by OpenMeta and many other partners. It is similar to the Odyssey event held by Arbitrum. The first phase will start on BNB Chain on September 8, with a time span of 2 weeks and more than 20 platforms such as media, wallets, data analysis agencies, projects, etc., joining in. Users need to complete the tasks set by the projects to get qualified for NFT free minting. OpenMeta will issue exclusive medals and USDT in rewards according to the number of NFTs and rarities minted by users. The total USDT reward is 16,000 US dollars. A person can get up to 2,000 USDT. In addition, the exclusive “OpenMeta medals” rewards are something special because in the future, OpenMeta will build around them for various utilities and benefits. Users with medals will get higher rewards compared to regular users.

OpenMeta hopes to promote the NFT ecological development of the BNB Chain through this campaign. There will be more to come on other different public chains in the future after the first season.

Advantages compared to Odyssey on Arbitrum

The Arbitrum Odyssey campaign is relatively big in 2022. The “Infinity Gems”held by OpenMeta this time is even bigger. It is the bonuses powerhouse.

Compared with the Odyssey , the Infinity Gems campaign has the following advantages:

(1) The barriers of campaign are low.

Most of the tasks in the Odyssey campaign require on-chain interaction to mint the NFTs, but the Infinity Gems campaign requires fewer tasks, and most of them are interactive tasks on the project’s social media. Additionally, interacting on the BNB chains or minting NFTs uses less gas and is extremely simple to use.

 (2) More rewards, including USDT rewards

The prize pool for the campaign is 16,000 USDT, for sure, stablecoin is the favorite reward to users. 

(3) Shorter activity’s duration

Odyssey planned to complete it in 8 weeks, while the Infinity Gems campaign lasted for only 2 weeks. Which requires so much less user time and effort and allows them to get rewards faster.

(4) Greater exposure and influence

In addition to the 15 project parties participating in and promoting this event, nearly 10 large institutions will support the promotion as well, including media, data analysis agencies, wallets, tool platforms, etc., covering almost all aspects of the public chain ecosystem.

OpenMeta will concentrate on product development, project collaboration, and more public chain deployment. It is believed that this route can help us walk through the crypto market’s certainty.