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One-Click Copy Trading: Bitdu Breaks the Barrier Between Professional Investors and Ordinary Users

Looking back at 2023, the crypto market has experienced a dramatic journey of bull and bear transitions.

Bitcoin, starting from $16,500 at the beginning of the year, recently reached $44,000, showing a remarkable growth of over 2.5 times. Additionally, the BRC-20 track and the Bitcoin ecosystem have become the most attractive investment trends. Simultaneously, Layer 2 solutions led by ZK and OP have entered the final fluctuations before prosperity. Moreover, L2 as Service, led by Rollup as Service and ZK as Service, has taken the explosion of L2 assets to historic heights.

In this diverse and frequently wealth-generating Web3 ecosystem, especially during periods of volatile market fluctuations amid bull and bear transitions, ordinary users often struggle to keep pace with professional investors, compromising the stability of their returns. Recognizing this, Bitdu, a trusted cryptocurrency contract trading platform, has developed a “One-Click Copy Trading” system to meet various user needs and address the aforementioned challenges.

One-Click Copy Trading: Building a Bridge Between Professional Investors and Ordinary 

Users Copy trading is an investment portfolio management tool that allows users to easily replicate the trading strategies of other investment experts. Ordinary investors can copy the trading strategies of professionals and automatically execute them in the market, effortlessly earning excess returns. Meanwhile, traders attract followers and earn corresponding profit shares by sharing their trading strategies. Using copy trading, users can observe the trader’s position judgments, trading strategies, and enhance their operational experience while gaining profits.

Recently, with the weakening of the spot hoarding wealth effect, futures trading has gained popularity, and contract exchanges have successively introduced copy trading products. What sets Bitdu apart from other copy trading products is its unique features: the industry’s highest profit sharing of 20%, profit sharing only counts profitable trades, and daily settlement.

When leading on Bitdu, traders enjoy significant advantages. They can set their profit-sharing ratio, with the system currently supporting a maximum of 20%.

Looking at the profit-sharing details, Bitdu’s copy trading system only calculates the profit-sharing trades within the period, resulting in a higher overall profit share. For example, if a trading expert leads five identical trades on Bitdu and another platform, with settlements at the same time, and the results after closing the positions are as follows: Total profit for order one is 500 USDT, order two is 300 USDT, order three has a total loss of 300 USDT, order four has a total loss of 200 USDT, and order five has a total profit of 100 USDT. Calculating at Bitdu’s profit-sharing rate of 20%, the profit share would be 900 USDT * 20% = 180 USDT. In comparison, other platforms typically have a profit-sharing rate of 10%, resulting in a profit share of 400 USDT (Total profit on order one of 500 USDT + total profit on order two of 300 USDT – total loss on order three of 300 USDT – total loss on order four of 200 USDT + total profit on order five of 100 USDT) * 10% = 40 USDT. Comparatively, the trading expert gains an additional 140 USDT on Bitdu, directly increasing profits by 350%!

In terms of settlement periods, Bitdu’s copy trading system settles every 24 hours, with profit and loss calculations taking place from 0:00 to 24:00 (UTC+8); settlement occurs at 16:00 the following day. It settles once a day. It’s important to note that at the settlement moment, there should be no position-related relationship between the copier and the trader, meaning the copier has no active positions following the trader. Otherwise, the copier’s profit share will be delayed until the next settlement period. Once settled, the trader’s profit share is expected to arrive within 1 hour after settlement, providing a convenient and swift process.

Strength is King: Advocating for Prudent and Long-Term Traders

Looking back at 2023, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a tumultuous journey of bull and bear transitions.

Currently, 10%-20% of traders and large holders in the futures market have taken away 80%-90% of the market’s profits, making it challenging for ordinary users to earn money. Therefore, Bitdu’s One-Click Copy Trading system is designed to help users connect with globally renowned traders, allowing novice users and retail investors to profit from their experience and strategies.

In light of this, Bitdu upholds the principles of integrity, prudence, and long-term trading for traders and rigorously examines the qualifications of each trader.

According to Bitdu, a trader’s eligibility is determined by factors such as long-term live trading experience, the ability to withstand multiple market cycles, proving the strength to lead copiers. Traders must also demonstrate empathy, recognizing the copier’s funds and jointly bearing trading risks. Clear risk management and stop-loss strategies, coupled with accountability to users, controlling drawdowns, and safeguarding copier profits, place traders in priority consideration.

Beyond these stringent criteria, Bitdu provides exclusive VIP customer service for outstanding traders, including increased exposure, event support, brand promotion, industry-leading profit sharing of 20%, priority reward distribution, and sharing Bitdu’s official promotional channels.

As the crypto market continues to evolve, and with the iterative development of Bitdu’s copy trading products, it will continue to attract more investors and traders, creating a more active cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Security Bottom Line: Building the Most Trusted Platform Across the Web

With the flourishing growth of the cryptocurrency market, an increasing number of investors are entering, seeking substantial returns. However, security risks remain a Damocles’ sword hanging over users. Therefore, a secure and reliable exchange that ensures smooth trading, prevents market manipulation and fraudulent activities, and maintains market fairness and transparency is essential. Since its inception in 2020, Bitdu has consistently viewed security as its lifeline, aiming to build the most trusted platform across the web.

Bitdu strictly employs a 100% reserve fund mechanism, storing user assets in a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, user digital assets are stored in highly secure cold storage wallets, disconnected from the internet, thereby eliminating the risk of hacker attacks.

In terms of the trading environment, Bitdu collaborates with the world’s top KYC/AML provider, Sumsub, to rigorously conduct user background checks, quickly identify suspicious addresses, and exclude them with a single click. Moreover, a real-time monitoring system is activated to detect abnormal activities and potential threats. If anomalies are detected, Bitdu takes immediate measures to protect user assets, leading the industry in trading environment security.

For individual accounts, Bitdu offers multiple identity verification options, including two-factor authentication (2FA), ensuring that only the account owner can access it. Utilizing advanced encryption technology, user data confidentiality and integrity are assured, with all sensitive information undergoing strict encryption processing, ensuring 100% user account security.

In conclusion, cryptocurrency has matured over the past decade, and industry competition has intensified. The moat of exchanges has expanded from product technology to refined services. Meeting user needs is crucial for standing out. The introduction of copy trading products addresses the current demand in the futures market, and the launch of secure and transparent copy trading products by contract exchanges like Bitdu is an inevitable trend in the industry.

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