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How to Monitor DeFi Projects?

The DeFi ecosystem has gained immense popularity and is moving toward replacing bank institutions. A Defi project is a set of tools that allows transferring money, making transactions, and allocating funds without intermediary involvement.

Currently, over 250 DeFi projects exist in the world. The most popular ones include Uniswap, Curve Finance, Synthetix, Aave, and Maker. Such solutions are aimed at simplifying a user experience and providing clients with a transparent, secure, and confidential portal for managing funds.

TOP-5 Most Perspective DeFi Directions

The following branches in project development are the most common:

  • decentralized exchanges;
  • lending protocols;
  • payment networks;
  • synthetic assets;
  • token assets.

Most projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows developing and sharing solutions without attracting intermediaries and sponsors. The use of decentralized, transparent systems allows clients to perform any financial activity themselves without turning to financial institutions.

How to Monitor DeFi Projects? is the best solution for this purpose. It is a convenient and user-oriented platform for monitoring diverse DeFi projects. Click on the link to get acquainted with its functionalities and connect wallets.

Over 50 types of projects are currently available on the website. An intuitive interface with a convenient DeFi dashboard available on the link will provide up-to-date information, display the latest changes, and make recommendations on investing assets that are just lying on your wallet and can earn more.

News and useful articles are provided in the DeFi blog, where visitors will get access to the basics of DeFi terminology and can get a deep look into the issue.