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Freewallet Offers Instant, Fee-Free Exchange Of Crypto Assets » CoinFunda

In line with a trend visible across the industry, the Freewallet platform has expanded its exchange capabilities, making transaction times faster, while also lowering the minimum amount on transactions.
As the crypto industry has enjoyed a prolonged bullish period, a trend has emerged in which platforms are shifting to more all-in-one style services. This is evident in the latest announcement made by Freewallet, one of the most popular crypto wallet platforms, concerning the improvements they have made to their exchange features. The changes consist of the introduction of instant, fee-free exchanges and a significant reduction in the minimum sum required to make a transaction.

More and more crypto projects are taking the approach of trying to provide their clients with a singular service that can meet all their needs — whether that is storage, investment, or transactions. While Freewallet has long offered transactions to its users, these latest developments underline the emphasis being placed on transforming the platform into a kind of crypto Swiss army knife.
Looking at the broader picture, the improvements to Freewallet’s exchange functionality come at a significant time for the industry. With BTC climbing back to ATH levels, and the industry as a whole enjoying something of a renaissance, Freewallet users will be in a prime position to take action in a market where speed can mean everything. Trying to put their users in a good position while this spell of market growth continues has motivated a number of different platforms to expand their services and shore up areas in which they were weak.
In addition to the improved transaction speeds, Freewallet has now fully launched a gift card feature aimed at making its users’ lives easier from an e-commerce perspective. With the new feature, users can now buy gift cards for online and shopping businesses with any cryptocurrency supported by the platform. The process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.
To make the feature possible, Freewallet has partnered with over 800 of the biggest brands from around the world, including Amazon, eBay, iTunes and many more. The feature comes with a search tool that allows users to organize their options according to popularity or alphabetical order and includes offerings from a wide variety of stores covering the entire spectrum of consumer needs.
The biggest takeaways from this trend seem to be that, while this drive to offer more competitive services continues, users stand to benefit most of all, and the stranglehold that the exchange giants have had on the industry is likely to continue to be challenged. Freewallet, which has envisioned itself as a guide and indispensable tool for navigating the crypto space for users of all experience levels, is among the services looking to simplify the entire digital currency experience — from purchase and transfer to storage. While it is a far cry from the intense experience offered by many of the major exchanges, with the new influx of people looking to take advantage of the latest bull run, this kind of approach may attract more clients.
Regarding the changes, Freewallet’s Head of PR Solomon Brown commented: “This is a big step for us and where we are going as a platform. For a long time, we have wanted to make Freewallet a place where users of all experience levels could simply and conveniently take care of all their crypto needs. Now, with the fastest exchange speeds, low transaction fees, and the best security out there, we are really proud of what our users are getting.”
If you are looking to get started with Freewallet, just head over to the website where all you need is a phone number, email address, or Facebook account to sign up.
About Freewallet
The Freewallet Family was launched in 2016 and now includes 30+ standalone applications and Freewallet Lite – an HD wallet for iOS and Android. Freewallet: Crypto Wallet was named the third most popular online wallet for Android in 2018 and today supports 50+ coins and a vast range of ERC20 tokens on the web and for iOS and Android devices.

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