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DuckyCity Announces Launch of New 2D Metaverse Combining Socializing, Farming, and Trading

Location, January 16, 2023 – DuckyCity, a virtual world dedicated to helping people make friends, get to know others, and combine play with earning, has announced the launch of its 2D metaverse. Drawing inspiration from a time when the natural world was divided between predators and prey, DuckCity aims to represent the evolution from primitive life to harmonious existence. This virtual city, designed exclusively for ducks, introduces a unique experience in a 2D metaverse setting, focusing on socialization, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi) activities.

DuckyCity offers a platform where users can engage in various interactive and recreational activities. One of the primary features is the ability to socialize within the metaverse. Users can chat, share stories, or explore the city with friends, all within a dedicated 2D environment. Additionally, a specific area for music is provided, where users can relax and socialize.

The metaverse also includes an innovative farming simulation. Here, each player is given the opportunity to manage their farm, starting from basic levels and gradually expanding to a more substantial, blockchain-based operation. This feature is designed to test users’ skills in farm management and development.

Trading is another key component of DuckyCity. The marketplace allows for the exchange of various virtual items, including land, pets, and avatar wearables. This feature aims to simulate a real-world economic system within the virtual environment, offering users the opportunity to engage in commerce and potentially prosper in the digital marketplace.

The development of DuckyCity is structured into different phases, each focusing on introducing new features and enhancements to the metaverse. The initial phase includes the release of the landing page, the development of farm and city maps, and the official release of the Ducky City Metaverse. Subsequent phases will introduce additional features such as staking, pets, peer-to-peer (P2P) functionalities, and further map expansions.

One of the significant elements of the DuckyCity roadmap is the introduction of a staking feature, designed to integrate with the metaverse’s economic system. This will be accompanied by the introduction of Ducky City Pets, a new element that adds depth to the user experience. The P2P feature is aimed at enhancing user interaction within the digital world, while the development of additional maps is intended to expand the virtual environment, offering more areas for exploration and interaction.

The DuckyCity metaverse also plans to incorporate a SocialFi feature, which will allow for a more integrated social and financial experience. The inclusion of a Sea Map, Island NFTs, Ducky City Avatars, and the launch of the DCM Token are also on the roadmap. These additions aim to provide a more comprehensive and engaging experience for users, with a focus on play-to-earn features.

In the final phase, DuckyCity will introduce token functionality, allowing users to purchase in-game assets using the Ducky token. This feature is designed to incentivize user participation and investment in the metaverse. The token can also be used to earn staking rewards, encouraging users to support the ecosystem. Additionally, users can earn Ducky tokens by participating in various in-game events, adding a competitive aspect to the experience.

Governance is another critical aspect of DuckyCity, with token holders given the opportunity to participate in decentralized governance processes. This approach allows the community to shape the future of the metaverse through voting and proposals.

The tokenomics of DuckyCity involves a planned allocation for various components of the ecosystem, including the community, team, advisors, and various sale phases. The total supply of tokens is set at 5,500,000,000, with specific allocations yet to be announced.

DuckyCity is backed by a team of experienced professionals in blockchain technology and digital marketing. The founder and CEO, Dat Fam, is a blockchain technology enthusiast with a background in social media and digital marketing. He has been involved in blockchain technology since 2015 and has participated in the ACM ICPC Asia Regional Contest three times.

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About DuckyCity

DuckyCity is a new 2D metaverse platform offering a range of activities including socializing, farming, trading, and DeFi operations. The platform aims to provide users with an interactive digital environment, supporting a variety of virtual experiences within a blockchain-based framework.

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Name: Dat Fam

Company Name: Ducky City

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