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DESOC Platform SCARCITY Simultaneous Listing on 10 Global Exchanges

SCARCITY, a member of the promising Decentralized Social sector, has been simultaneously listed on 10 global exchanges.

On the 8th of this month, SCARCITY was simultaneously listed on major global exchanges such as LBANK at the same time as the renewal of the DESOC platform, and recorded an increase of over 200%.

According to the cryptocurrency industry, 10 exchanges listed SCARCITY: LBANK,, Toobit, Coinstore, INDOEX, DIFIFINEX, COINSBIT, P2B, Bigone, and Dex-Trade.

SCARCITY is currently trading at $0.05, up 250% from its listing price of $0.02 on 11th.

SCARCITY is the native token of the SCARCITY platform and will be utilized for governance, NFTs, revenue sharing, transaction fees, and more. SCARCITY aims to solve the problem of existing centralized social applications and media, the exclusivity of centralized entities, and build a free and fair social media environment.

“We will do our best to build a global decentralized social service starting with the listing of these 10 exchanges,” said a SCARCITY official.