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Deepcoin – The Launch of Revolutionary Derivatives

Trading Platform

Singapore,–Deepcoin, a unique cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and trade crypto assets seamlessly at one of the lowest fees on the market has launched.

Traders can trade spot or take their trading to the next level by investing in

futures contracts through the friendly platform.

Deepcoin currently accepts dozens of fiat currency deposit methods

worldwide, allowing traders to buy BTC, ETH, or USDT directly and trade

over 100 cryptocurrencies. Deepcoin is easy to navigate and packed with

tons of unique features that provide an unmatched trading experience,

including DeFi savings, spot, USDT perpetual, and inverse contracts.

Traders can claim up to 50 USDT of profit after engaging in their own

trading activity. Deepcoin’s affiliate program is also available to anyone

willing to advocate for Deepcoin, where they can build a trading

community and earn high commissions for their referral activities.

Trading with Deepcoin provides traders with leverage up to 125X and split and merge orders so that they can have up to 20 split positions at once. The

Exchange also offers comprehensive tools like trailing stop and multiple

take-profit and stop-loss functions.


How Big is the Derivatives Market?

According to Tokeninsight’s Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

Industry Report, which accounts for data from 42 exchanges, the third

quarter of 2020 saw the cryptocurrency derivatives market’s trading

volume hit $2.7 trillion. This mind-boggling figure shows that there has

been a 25.1 percent increase over the previous quarter and a 159.4 percent

increase over the third quarter of last year, demonstrating the enormous

growth in crypto-derivatives over the past few years.

The recent growth experienced within the Derivatives Exchange Industry

doesn’t come as a surprise to many. Over the years, this multi-trillion-

dollar industry has evolved from being a vague concept to a point where

its behavior now holds a strong influence on the price dynamics of

cryptocurrencies themselves. As far as risk management tools go,

derivative contracts help reduce market transaction costs compared to

other securities such as spot trading.

Why Deepcoin Exchange?

Deepcoin exchange offers its users many options to create a one-of-a-kind

trading experience. It boasts a unique perpetual contracts spot and a robust

third-generation transaction matching system.

Deepcoin provides independently developed and exclusive functions such

as K-Line Quick Trading, dual- price liquidation, trailing stop, and other

features that help traders make better investment decisions.

K-Line Quick Trading is a Deepcoin-only on-chart derivatives trading

function. The Traders no longer need to switch between screens with this

feature. Attacking charts allows to view different timelines and then trade

directly on the chart with only a few clicks.


Some of the other exciting features include:

Split or Merge up to 20 Positions

Users can hold multiple positions in the same currency with different

leverages. Setting up a split position allows traders to choose and adjust

leverage independently across multiple entry points. Traders can add

margin to the position and even combine separate ones at any time and can

also short or long up to 20 different split positions in each currency.

You can also set positions at different entry points that will simply merge

into the same leverage while quickly adjusting the margin and liquidation

price using the comprehensive merge function. This feature also allows to

set a trailing stop price on position.


Strategic Take Profit (TP)/Stop Loss (SL)

The Exchange offers a comprehensive take-profit and stop-loss function

that can set at the time of order. It can perform take-profit and stop-loss

operations on an entire or segmented position. Merge positions also

support the exclusive trailing stop function, which enables implementing a

tracking exit strategy as a risk management strategy in the face of market


To control risk, users can set take-profit and stop-loss points in open

positions and pending orders at any time. Furthermore, Deepcoin allows

users to set up to 50 take-profit and stop-loss orders for the same position

with different margin amounts and prices. The Exchange also included

limit orders to enables seamlessly managing risk at any stage of the



Ultra-Fast Matching Engine and System Performance


The crypto derivatives exchange has developed CPU multi-core ultra-high

cache computing, binary communication protocol optimization, and high-

performance memory level database, resulting in a new generation of

matching engines capable of matching trades at speeds of up to 150,000

strokes per second.

The operation and maintenance architecture are scalable and adaptive.

With its intelligent network transmission optimization, core operations can

be completed in a tenth of a second, with no market lag or downtime.


Deepcoin Open Competitions & Other Promos


It is more than just a trading platform; it is also a place where Traders can

engage in trading battles with their friends or foes. Every month, the

exchange hosts the Deepcoin Open Competitions (DOC), in which traders

start with a set amount and try to make the most of their funds by trading a

specific coin for a set amount of time (for example, 200 BTC/USDT for

one week). Those with the top ten profits win a share of a massive pool.

Last Trader Battles and Lucky Deposit competitions are two other types of

competitions we hold regularly. Visit the official website to learn more



Top-Notch Security System

The Exchange provide a three-tiered wallet system to keep assets safe 24

hours a day, seven days a week. The cold wallet employs threshold

signature and other encryption technologies to create a layered security

strategy. The warm wallet uses a high-level anti-hacker security system.

The exchange collaborate with an industry-leading custodian for the small

hot wallet, managing account security and rapid user experience response

with tenacity.

Super Savings – Interest to the Rescue


For more Information and Resources, visit:

Deepcoin Official Website Deepcoin App for Android Deepcoin App for


Media Contact:

Finally, the Super Savings feature puts traders money to work for them.

Traders can earn up to 9% interest simply by investing in Deepcoin. The

higher the trading volume, the higher their VIP level, and the more interest

they earn on their funds.


Email: [email protected]