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Convergence of Cryptocurrency and Traditional Financial System. Lado Okhotnikov About Intellectual Synergy

Why has bitcoin grown so much? Neither Amazon nor Google nor Tesla have shown such results. Why would someone invest in something that for many looked like nonsense. Maybe everything got out of control when they planned to attract at least some share, but in the end the result exceeded all expectations. Will the capitalization of the Metaverse exceed the entire available cryptocurrency? Let’s find out with Lado Okhotnikov, the master of the crypto world.

AI as a continuation of events

The creation of blockchain has led to a revolution in finance and beyond. The underlying technology allowed the creation of decentralized systems where transactions were verified and confirmed by a network of users, without intermediaries.

The next important step was the emergence of smart contracts. These blockchain-based programs automate the fulfillment of contract terms. They open the door to the creation of decentralized applications that automatically perform various operations under certain conditions, which greatly speeds up many processes.

In parallel with the development of blockchain and smart contracts, we have witnessed a boom in artificial intelligence. Smart algorithms have begun to penetrate into all spheres of life, from finance to medicine and manufacturing. Artificial intelligence has become the basis for creating systems that can analyze data, predict events and make decisions without human intervention.

All these links were key components of the transition from the old financial system to the new one. The crisis of 2008 served as a catalyst for the emergence of alternative technologies that can eliminate many shortcomings, including centralization, lack of transparency and high risks,

Lado Okhotnikov, founder of the Meta Force Metaverse.

Today we see the results of the years of efforts. However, this is only the beginning. In the near future new solutions and innovations are expected to continue to strengthen and reshape the economic landscape.

As planned and ahead of schedule. Lado Okhotnikov on growing dominance

Following the dynamics, it becomes clear how small projects are absorbed by giants. What can we say about those whose capitalization has exceeded a billion dollars? Over the past year alone, a series of events has occurred – a dozen crypto exchanges were forced to close under the onslaught of powerful competitors. FTX, Genesis, Bittrex, BlockFi – names that once promised rapid development have now suddenly found themselves in the dustbin of history.

Against this background Binance and Coinbase somehow stood out in particular. Even despite all the negativity, dissatisfaction and criticism from the SEC, this did not stop them. Like in football: when the opponents increase the pressure but the team still goes forward to score goals.

Lado Okhotnikov about Binance dominance

Binance dominates with a giant lead over its competitors.

At this point there is a hype around artificial intelligence. It promises to be a reliable assistant in automating and optimizing processes, as well as improving security. Tracking anomalies, anticipating risks, and even making data-driven decisions becomes a reality thanks to this technology.

But in reality, the opposite is happening. We began to be intimidated and someone even suggested stopping all development in the field of machine learning. Elon Musk,

“Perhaps artificial intelligence is dangerous, and this cannot be ignored.”

At the same time, Musk announces that,

“We intend to use all public tweets to improve the AI behavior model.”

Isn’t this double standards?

Earlier it became known that Elon Musk is creating a new company called xAI, which will develop a new model of artificial intelligence. It is planned that it will be a separate structure but it will be able to cooperate with Tesla and X Corp.

Robots will do all the work for us

Although we are assured that AI is “getting dumber”, its productivity is falling, and indeed this unreasonable technology still looks “raw” but all the main things are done behind the scenes.

The Internet gave people freedom, gave new jobs, and artificial intelligence did the opposite – now it’s called optimization. We see that robots are successfully replacing routine work, which was given the lion’s share of the time.

Lado Okhotnikov about top 100 most promising AI startups

Top 100 most promising AI startups

Right now it is happening that AI has not come to the rescue. They are trying to promote financial markets with this tool, since not a single person, and even a group of specialists can perform the amount of work that robots can do.

There is a new tool that surpasses everything we have known before. Without suspecting anything we ourselves take part in the development of algorithms. Based on our knowledge, a model of human behavior, a base is formed.

Think for yourself – if someone has invented a supertool that provides almost limitless possibilities, then why open free access to everyone?

ChatGPT is a great example of it. At the start it showed stunning statistics. In the first months, the tool overtook Tik-Tok in terms of the number of visitors and became one of the fastest growing projects.

We must pay tribute to the founder of OpenAI – Sam Altman made a brilliant move showing investors how much interest in AI-based tools really is.

First steps

The gradual introduction of digital currency into the economy begins. Now it’s CBDC, then it’s XRP, and after AI. But the main thing is that we become captive participants in giant events when money takes on a third form. But one might ask what is so special about it?

Imagine that you have a card but instead of plastic you only have a digital code. This digital currency is created and controlled by the central bank of the country.

Since the CBDC is created for the purpose of control, this will give the government more control over money transactions. In some cases, restrictions may be imposed on certain types of payments. For you, it will look like a fight against fraud, but in fact nothing more than total control.

However, in the real world there is always a certain balance – for every action there is a counteraction. In this case, we couldn’t do without it as well. In response to one system another alternative develops. And only the blockchain meets this challenge.

Over the course of its time, it has demonstrated that it can function without any central control, without supervisors, and without the intervention of a third party.

In the era of digital information it is not difficult to learn and master new technology, you just need to show a desire.

Everyone is talking about digital currency. It became part of the general conversation. In a way, such attention creates certain difficulties. But, at the same time, this led to the fact that people began to realize and understand that decentralized finance exists and can be no less important.

On the other hand, the growing awareness of how the DeFi sector works is attracting more and more supporters. People have become more aware, which means that there are more and more adherents to the idea that finance can function without traditional central institutions.

A logical question arises, how to save the value of money?

No fiat can do that. Even the US dollar which is not backed by anything is gradually devaluing. Although it is hardly noticeable but such a process exists.

It cannot be said about crypto that it is losing value. On the contrary, over time, the value of tokens only grows. However, it should be said that this rule only works with projects that have technology behind them.

Metaverse is around the corner

The time has passed when only the laziest did not talk about virtual reality. It would seem that the hype was sleeping and the next stage was left behind. However, while everyone else thinks so, in fact, everything happens the other way around.

Apple’s VR headset breathes new life into the Metaverse, Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, Decentraland announces an update, Meta Force launches the Metaverse beta. Headlines like this have become more common on social media, and for good reason.

It seems that next year we will see something new, because there are plans to launch a lot of projects based on the concept of the Metaverse. All these movements and events point to one thing – the future really belongs to the virtual world, where technology and creativity will turn into a symbiosis of something new to create exciting ideas.

Vladimir Okhotnikov is confident that Metaverse will soon take its place in the global economy,

Innovative virtual reality architecture will become the foundation for developing new forms and business models. It’s important to understand that the potential of the Metaverses is still not fully explored. But I will say for sure that this is a key project of the future global network. When AI, renewable energy, and quantum computers come together, it will lead to the emergence of completely new paradigms. These changes will fundamentally change people’s lives.

Through the use of augmented reality, virtual fashion, the integration of cryptocurrencies, virtual concerts and adult content, the lines between the digital and physical world will definitely disappear.

Evolution will lead to significant changes in many areas. In the fashion world, shoppers will be able to “try on” things before they buy. In music, virtual concerts and performances will open up new ways to experience an indescribable sense of presence. In cryptocurrency, the Metaverse will provide an opportunity for the creation and exchange of digital assets.

And, of course, in adult entertainment, virtual reality will create intimate and immersive interactions where the digital and real worlds intertwine. Such innovations will certainly raise reality to a new level, changing the way we are used to.