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Recently, has officially announced that it will launch the global exhibition of “Crypto Tour of 50 Countries” in May 2022. In this global exhibition tour, plans to deeply connect with more than 1,500 leading institutions and startup teams in the blockchain industry around the world. Engagements will be made on many cutting-edge themes of industrial development, including industry, open finance, NFT, innovative integration, and security governance, which will empower the innovation and evolution of blockchain ecosystem. It is reported that after 2 years of rapid development, has gained momentum in Asian and Latin American markets, and more than 800,000 registered users.

Services and Objectives of, founded in Singapore in 2020, and holding compliance licenses in many countries, provides global users with fast and smooth services involving coin currency trading, derivatives, OTC, NFT, and Coinstore Labs. has more than 800,000 registered users. Besides, it has 180 international employees in Singapore, Dubai, London and other core cities who have provided services for 175 countries. As an exchange growing rapidly in Asia, Latin America and Africa, aims at becoming the “next Coinbase” in these regions by creating a digital financial service platform with the widest range of currencies, the most registered users, the best customer experience, and the most stable and safest technical structure.


Digital Currency Market Continues to Expand and Major Countries Are Friendly

In 2022, as policymakers and financial regulators have an increased understanding of digital currency and the blockchain world, major countries will give more support to the blockchain industry and promote their central bank digital currencies. For example,


Middle East: On December 20, 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) will become a digital region and regulator of digital currency and other virtual assets. This indicates that the Dubai government embraces and supports the digital currency industry.


The Americas: In 2021, El Salvador, a coastal country in the north of Central America embracing digital currency, became the first country in the world that adopted Bitcoin as its legal tender. Payment giants Visa and PayPal are active in the digital currency sector.


Europe: Switzerland, with the title “Digital Valley”, has 11 unicorn companies such as Ethereum, Cardano and Solana, each having a valuation of more than USD 1 billion. The Swiss government has always supported digital currency transactions. realizes that with the increasing engagement of global digital currency players, Internet giants, multinational financial enterprises, and central banks in digital currency, it cannot meet users’ demands for a globalized ecosystem by focusing on a single market. All these changes have strengthened the determination of to go global. Sets up Venture Capital & Innovation Department and NFT Market to Promote the New Layout of Global Strategy

Coinstore Labs is a new venture capital and innovative incubation department established by It aims at helping the promising project teams with the rapidly developing incubation investment platforms. It provides whole-process follow-up incubation services, from the professional consulting services before the launch of projects, the technical support services before the issuance of certificates, to the marketing and planning services after the launch of projects.

The goal of Coinstore Labs is making project teams engaged in product R&D, and Coinstore Labs assists in investment incubation, marketing, early customer acquisition, community operation, and traffic growth. Meanwhile, Coinstore Labs seeks for promising teams worldwide with unique visions and innovation ability in digital currency, and cultivate and invest in these teams.

Coinstore NFT Market will also be launched. Coinstore NFT Market, a market featured with various forms of digital art works and collections, provides a highly liquid trading platform for users to launch and trade NFTs. implements the values of finding art and creates an immersive experience of trading plus community. By gathering artists, creators and digital currency enthusiasts on the platform, it provides global users with a real-time digital trading and social platform of physical artworks and digital collections.


Strong Security Technology Is the Hard Power of

Security technology has always been the core of the exchange industry. A solid technical foundation helps consolidate the market position of, and contributes to the advancing and landing of projects. will take the first step of global operation through its leading blockchain security technology. The core team of is composed of senior financial figures from famous investment banks and hedge funds in Singapore and Silicon Valley, and blockchain technical talents from global top5 digital asset trading platforms. Every one of them has been experienced with the areas of digital finance, blockchain technology development, and network security protection. This is an important hard power of in expanding the global market.


Refined Operation Is the Soft Power of

Since its launch, has been in stable operation for more than two years. So far, it has accumulated a large user base and rich operation experience through excellent technology and first-mover advantage of operation. We have a deep understanding of the business pattern of blockchain market, and our team has strong marketing ability. Besides, we boast rich experience in brand positioning, precision marketing and KOL cooperation. These soft powers will become important capital of in expanding the global market.


Schedule of “Crypto Tour of 50 Countries”

Crypto Expo Thailand – Bangkok – May 12 – 15

Crypto Expo Thailand – Bangkok – May 12-15

Blockchain Fest 2022 – Singapore – June 2-3

Blockchain Fest 2022 – Singapore – June 2-3

Crypto Expo Asia 2022 – Singapore – June 22 – 23

Crypto Expo Asia 2022 – Singapore – June 22-23

Blockchain Economy Istanbul – Istanbul – July 27 – 28

Blockchain Economy Istanbul – Istanbul – July 27-28

Token2049 Singapore – Singapore – Sept 28 – 29

Token2049 Singapore – Singapore – Sept 28-29

Let’s forge ahead step by step and experience more wonders at the next stop! For more details, see


With the help of the new upgrade of global strategic structure, will make a global layout with its partners, and embrace the opportunities of rapid wealth growth brought by digital currency. is looking forward to an encounter with you on the “Crypto Tour of 50 Countries”!


About was founded in Singapore in 2020, Its 180 employees worldwide are distributed in Singapore, Dubai, London and other countries, serving more than 800,000 registered users in 175 countries. holds compliance licenses in many countries of the world for providing global users with quick and smooth cryptocurrency trading services, derivatives business, OTC services and NFT, as the world’s leading provider of financial infrastructure and technology in the field of crypto economy, aims to become the “next Coinbase” in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Social Media:



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