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CHREMA Announces Opening of Korea’s First Blockchain-based Digital Gold Exchange’s Close Beta Test.

Seoul, South Korea – CHREMA (CEO Howard Na) has announced the launch of the close beta test (CBT) for ‘CHREMA Digital Gold Exchange’, the first blockchain-based gold exchange in Korea, on the 5th.

By operating a marketplace where physical gold can be purchased, CHREMA is expanding the use cases for its platform token, CRMC. Furthermore, the company is venturing into a full-fledged RWA business, allowing investment in 100% physical gold-based RWA by linking with mines that will supply the gold to be circulated in the exchange.

 CHREMA Digital Gold Exchange’ is the first of its kind in Korea, allowing the purchase of physical gold mined from mines as digital assets. It is known that CHREMA has an agreement with a company distributing gold mined from a mine in Chungcheongnam-do to sell through the digital gold exchange.

 The digital gold exchange provides an easy and convenient way to purchase gold compared to the traditional market by connecting CHREMA’s blockchain wallet, ‘CHREMA Wallet’, enabling payment for physical gold with tokens. The purchased gold can be exchanged for physical gold at offline exchanges nationwide, presenting a new financial service model that flexibly connects digital and offline experiences.

 Customers who wish to buy physical gold can link their blockchain wallet, ‘CHREMA Wallet’, to the digital gold exchange, purchase gold with their CRMC, and receive a purchase certificate in the form of an NFT. To receive the gold, customers need to visit an offline store of the digital gold exchange and present the purchase certificate NFT to exchange it for physical gold. Additionally, gold can be purchased directly at offline stores using the wallet with CRMC.

 CHREMA plans to expand the use of blockchain and virtual assets in the real world, starting with this exchange. The company also intends to develop and open a platform within the first half of the year that allows investment in RWA products based on physical gold assets using CRMC and ‘CHREMA Wallet’, and to continuously introduce services that enable the practical use of virtual assets in everyday life.

 “The opening of this digital gold exchange has marked the beginning of a new era in financial services through the innovative application of blockchain technology,” said the CEO of CHREMA. “By providing users with a more affordable and convenient way to purchase gold, we aim to be at the forefront of shaping the future of digital asset trading.”