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BFF Gram Brings forth Revolutionary Tokenomics System

26 October / Abu Dhabi, UAE / Press Release: In a world where connections are fading away and people are unable to reach out to others in the times of need and guidance, BFF Gram aspires to be a revolutionary social media platform.

With a core vision to provide right knowledge at the right time, it aims to create a sustainable and engaging platform for knowledge sharing and building.

BFF Gram aspires to be an open one-stop platform for people where they can connect, engage, express and even share knowledge with anyone on the platform.


Ms Monah Al Jneibi is an Emirati and 2022 Women Achiever, 2023 Global Inspirational Leader and 2023 Asian’s Women Power Leader with UK roots who devised the app as a pure and meaningful option for families and friends to stay in touch and connected.

Armed with a Masters Degree in Education Leadership and 14 years experience in Knowledge Management, Ms Monah is best placed to lead this app and create the unchanged which everyone is looking for in social media. 

She take pride in the fact that BFF Gram will be the First Social Media Platform ever, to be conceptualised & founded by a woman. Ms Monah has been committed to this project since 2017 overcoming various obstacles such as outsourcing the development of the application and recruiting team members for the different roles at different stages of the project.

The App that has it All

Privacy sure is a myth on the internet. Personal information of over 235 million social media users was leaked due to an insecure database. Most people would agree that data breach is a risk that worries them. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a social media app that focuses on knowledge sharing, while respecting your privacy. 

All your information is at one place, and safe. All the fun begins and ends in one place! With more than 13+ features to explore, BFF Gram envisions to be the best social media networking app for all your needs. Bringing all features at one place as a one stop shop solution, BFF Gram aspires to redefine how people interact and form meaningful connections.

With innovative features of self expression in the form of Happy Monitor, seeking expert advice through SME appointments and rediscovering lost connections through family tree, it brings forth one of a kind experience for all.

BFF Gram App will be a 2D app compatible with iOS and Android. Currently under the BETA testing phase, the app will be launched in about 6 months after listing, from the UK to the world.

Venturing into the Crypto Space

BFF Gram started to think about tokenization to take advantage of blockchain’s security and its seamlessness in exchanging data, information, and even liquidity.

It became a reality after roughly a year of investigation, and we moved forward with the project. By launching the BFFG token, our users will have quick and easy access to our goods and subject-matter experts.

About the BFF Gram Team

Internally we have 5 employees – CEO, Finance, IT, Marketing, Admin, Advisor. Going ahead we will have a CTO, COO & CFO as well. Along with this, we have 500 sales agents, out of which +200 have been well trained. Additionally, we have a team of 23 people that include high level personnels from the field of IT, Marketing, Consultants and Business Wales Advisors.


The BFFG token is a utility token built on the BNB Smart Chain. A total of 2 billion tokens have been minted As Total Supply.

During the presale, the token was priced at $0.02 USDT, while the listing price is set at $0.08 USDT.

The token’s governance system is already in place, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes.

As a utility token, BFFG serves a specific purpose within its associated ecosystem. The token allocation plan for this project includes a 10% allocation for presale, 17% for public sale, 10% for the team, 5% for airdrop/competitions, 12% for marketing, 40% for rewards/staking pools and 6% for advisors.

The token is intended to be used for various purposes, such as supporting SMEs, facilitating savings, enabling crowdfunding, integrating within applications, and contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal # 2 “No Hunger”.


The token has been listed on a CEX exchange, CoinStore and yet to be launched on other exchanges such as Zorix. Additionally, we have been pre-listed on CMC. The CoinStore Listing shows positive results, witnessing a rise in price from $0.08 to $0.12 – an overall rise of 66%, over the last 30 days.


The objective of the project is not focused on immediate cashing out or engaging in a pump and dump scheme. Rather, the BFF project aims to encourage investors to not only seek a return on investment (ROI) but also hold onto the tokens for the staking program and utilise them within the upcoming live app.

The project anticipates significant growth in value over a 30-day period and beyond, with a focus on establishing sustainable trading practices and favourable tokenomics.


The high-level roadmap for this project outlines several key milestones. The initial focus is on marketing efforts, which will be executed over a two-month period. The roadmap also includes a presale on a centralised platform to generate interest and secure initial funding.

Additionally, the project aims to establish partnerships with at least three exchanges for token listing. The completion of the BETA release is another significant milestone, followed by the expansion of the sales team through training more sales agents.

The subsequent steps involve launching the app, targeting 500,000 users within the first 12 months, integrating token purchase/selling functionality within the app, and further enhancing token usage within the platform.

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Mail: [email protected]

Name:  Monah Al Jneibi

Company name: BFF Gram

City and country :  Abu Dhabi, UAE