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Ape Gorilla Club Expands Their Business in Providing Community-Based Solutions with their NFT Collection

12th January 2022, Ape Gorilla Club is all set to launch its NFT collection for the digital community, partnered with the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

NFTs have everlastingly impacted the digital ecosystem, providing multiple opportunities to multiple industries branched across the farthest sides of Earth. Ape Gorilla Club realizes the potential of NFTs and implements their utility to gain access to the community. The project, however, has other plans rather than being a generic NFT collection.

As stated by Ape Gorilla Club, community growth is a mission that bases much of their project functionalities and objectives. To build and empower the community across the educational, business, and networking growth, Ape Gorilla Club will facilitate innovators and entrepreneurs to introduce community-based novelties in the world.

The club has set up its mindset across the “Happiness Index,” a metric that features how the community works in building a communal structure that would benefit them in multiple ways. Ape Gorilla Club is a project founded by a group of motivated individuals that realize the necessity of having a community that works for the positive growth of the community. How will Ape Gorilla Club facilitate growth projects? The project’s model is based on a very cohesive facilitation system, where every innovator would benefit from the investment through a cycle. Ape Gorilla Club NFT collection will act as the ‘token of access’ to this community. Every holder of the NFT collection would be subjected to multiple opportunities to grow, succeed, and increase their happiness index with community facilitation plans. In simpler words, to benefit from Ape Gorilla Club plans, it is necessary for you to be a part of the NFT collection holders. This would help you lead to the following plans of the project, which are directed to guide projects to successful implementations. Ape Gorilla Club believes in the variety within projects; thus, focusing on the following genre of influence within the business community. For this, the provision of drag-and-drop business-building software, business consultation services, and work on academics focusing on business, Web 3.0, crypto, NFTs, and Blockchain technology is a primary objective of Ape Gorilla Club.

Following the community’s growth through knowledge-based development, Ape Gorilla Club has multiple plans directed on helping and guiding business plans to supremacy. The project has reportedly kept 750ETH worth of angel investments, which will be provided based on the holders’ business proposals of their NFT collection. While shortlisting the projects for investment, one of the significant pointers observed across these projects would be the extent to which the business benefit and operate for the community. Putting the objective on changing and revamping the lives of the people, all the investments would be directed across such projects, which shall cover the community to perfection. There isn’t a restriction of having new startups or existing businesses; Ape Gorilla Club would facilitate all those projects working for the betterment of the society and community.

While featuring itself as an investor of innovating projects, Ape Gorilla Club also features a donation platform created and powered by the association of the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan. A donation of 700ETH would be covered for the Community Growth Organization program, providing a booster to the happiness index. With such diverse plans for the community, Ape Gorilla Club indeed gives a new sense to the narrative of NFT-verse. Following the first NFT collection of Ape Gorilla Club, the project would be following up with more NFT collections for the existing holders. These collections will be associated with a “Meta Gorilla” ERC20 cryptocurrency token, the entity empowering the complete system. Not only will the existence of the token provide users with a passive source to gain profits, but this token will also fixate cognitive adaptability to multiple plans. Ape Gorilla Club is looking forward to introducing FPS 3D Games for mobile, desktop, and consoles, their first play-to-earn narrative (P2E), providing progressive passive earning through gaming. Following the launch of their FPS 3D games, the platform intends to proceed with building a MMORPG 3D game under the name of “Ape Jungle Verse,” with the community featuring a metaverse P2E and PVP game. The roadmap presented by Ape Gorilla Club’s legacy presents huge possibilities and opportunities for people worldwide. The project is surely something to put an eye on.

For starters, Ape Gorilla Club will introduce 11,337 3D NFT items as the first project under the name of “Ape Gorilla” under their NFT Collection. Designed with international artists, the complete NFT collection is divided among 300+ traits, providing rarity across the items. The approach to developing NFTs and having them ready for trading is intuitive, which will help them gain traction in the community.

The NFT industry has observed a lot of potential sources of development that shall act as the future directions that the digital ecosystem would implement. With the aim to benefit the community, Ape Gorilla Club is ready with their NFT collection to make an entrance within the digital fraternity and continue their journey into building a project that would offer multiple opportunities to their holders into building better portfolios out of their investments. Ape Gorilla Club believes in working with the community to design a global village. For this, the project is looking into multiple directions of improvement, which would lead to the eventual benefit of the community as a whole. From business development to providing play-to-earn games, Ape Gorilla Club is starting its journey to surpass the ‘greatest’ within the digital ecosystem.

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Welcome to the Ape Gorilla Club. Our mission is to empower our community in educational growth, business and networking opportunities, play to earn games, test our boundaries and create a community mindset around a Happiness Index, modeled by the Kingdom of Bhutan. Ape Gorilla was created by a motivated group of individuals who wanted to bring a community together with a product to make a positive change. Based on the 3D models of 11,337 unique Ape Gorilla non-fungible tokens (NFTs), members of the Ape Gorilla Club gain access to online and real-life business-building education, angel investment opportunities, charity collaborations, exclusive business development software and other benefits.