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Andus Co., Ltd. and ZCON are promoting a short form video-based shopping business based on blockchain

Andus Co., Ltd., led by Sung Jun Park, head of Dongguk University’s Blockchain Research Center, has signed a cooperative contract with Shinsung Co., Ltd. to build a shopping platform based on blockchain-based short-form video content.

Shinsung Co., Ltd. is promoting the production of video content (dramas, movies, entertainment, etc.), production and distribution of short-form video content, planning and production of concerts, musicals, performances, celebrity management and advertising agency business.

The ZCON protocol project, a shopping platform project based on block chain-based short-form (web drama, entertainment) video content, was being promoted based on Ethereum, but it was decided to switch to AndusChain based to solve platform technical support, speed, and high-cost fees.

The ZCON Protocol Project is a blockchain project that aims to enable immediate purchase of products while watching short-form content, support activities to maintain loyal fans of actors and influencers, and support for new actors and entertainers to advance into dramas.

Through cooperation with Shinsung Co., Andus Co. decided not only to support the AndusChain blockchain platform, but also to jointly develop a shopping platform based on blockchain-based short-form video content.

Within this year, the white paper version 2.0, which has completely revised the existing white paper version 1.0, will be released.

Andus CEO Sung Jun Park emphasized that the conversion of all current Ethereum-based projects to AndusChain-based projects is also the main business goal of Andus Co., Ltd.

Andus Co., Ltd. is already working for real-life cryptocurrency services by using cryptocurrency Daon at its blockchain-based online/offline convergence store SEEBOX and will continue to strengthen cooperation with various blockchain service companies to expand its cryptocurrency Daon to real-life service.