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Alibaba’s AliExpress Dives Deeper into Crypto with NFT Launch for Global Markets

The Alibaba-owned global retail platform, AliExpress, is set to pioneer an innovative strategy by launching its first-ever non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Slated for June 25, a total of 5,555 NFTs will be unveiled, thanks to a partnership with the NFT project “the Moment3!”. 

Stepping Beyond Traditional E-Commerce

This bold move by AliExpress was first hinted at on its official Twitter page. Although the original post was subsequently deleted, the announcement still resonates on the Moment3!’s Twitter feed. 

The Moment3! represents a ground-breaking NFT venture, seeking to link virtual tokens to tangible business advantages and exclusive privileges. This concept aims to expand the typical collectible nature of NFTs, as disclosed on the project’s Discord channel. 

Previous Crypto Engagements

AliExpress is no newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency. Just last month, it made headlines by integrating with, a trailblazing platform that allows cryptocurrency payments for purchases from major online retailers. 

This move came to fruition on May 4, opening new payment avenues for the e-commerce giant. Further cementing its crypto-friendly stance, AliExpress added the viral ‘meme coin’, Floki, to its accepted payment methods on May 31. 

Navigating Regulatory Hurdles

Despite its home base in mainland China, where cryptocurrency transactions are banned since September 2021, AliExpress continues to cater to its international clientele.

Alibaba’s digital marketplace does not sell within China’s borders, allowing it to circumvent local regulations. However, the firm has to tread carefully, given the Chinese government’s stern warnings about NFT speculation risks.

In Conclusion

In a move that demonstrates its bold vision, AliExpress, an Alibaba subsidiary, is set to navigate uncharted waters by incorporating NFTs into its business model. Despite regulatory challenges in its home country, the company continues to push boundaries in its bid to provide a cutting-edge shopping experience for its international customers. This step further solidifies the e-commerce platform’s foothold in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

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