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AIWORK is Combining Blockchain and AI Technologies to Decentralize and Democratize Online Video Content


AIWORK is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform and ecosystem built on a consensus network of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing resources and a community of human experts, used to generate normalized and enhanced metadata for video content. The platform facilitates a marketplace of crowdsourced AI human experts to help create, verify and validate AI data sets that make AI smarter. Developers can build Decentralized Applications (DApps) on top of the AIWORK protocol while platform participants can either run AI nodes or provide expertise and be rewarded with AWO (AIWORK Tokens).

Current Market Challenges

There has been a massive expansion of video use online, whereby more than 4.3 million videos are viewed every minute on YouTube. With this high number, searching and discovering the right content has become a challenge. Additionally, content producers have found it challenging to monetize their content while providing better user experiences.

YouTube, the closest thing to a search engine for videos relies on the uploading user to properly catalogue, tag and provide descriptions for each of the videos resulting in inconsistent catalogues. Most of these videos are also uploaded in a few global languages, meaning that much of the world is out of reach for content producers. Therefore, content providers are faced with the cost and complications of transcription and translation, restricting their content to a smaller market.

AIWORK Solution

AIWORK believes that Internet and services on the Internet must be decentralized or else there is too much power in too few powerful hands. AIWORK focuses on decentralisation and democratizing online video, giving power back to internet users. AIWORK has these special features that will help solve most of these challenges:

i. Artificial Intelligence

Specialized AI algorithms will be deployed on AI nodes, of which the CPU and GPU resources can be used to scan media files, generate the enhanced metadata including time-coded tags, classification, categories, transcripts and translations, and an index of the video objects. Therefore, anyone with a reasonably powerful computer can establish an AI node and join the AIWORK network.

AIWORK has generated a trademark content safety index called ContentGraph, enabling programmatic matching of content and context. Through the use of AI, the platform will define a confidence score for each of several content safety attributes, such as: nudity, adult, offensive language, hate speech, violence, guns etc.

ii. AI Node

The field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) has made tremendous progress in the last few years to become better at understanding images. In particular, a model called deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has proven to be adept at achieving excellent performance on visual recognition tasks.

Since there is no generalized AI algorithm or Neural Network that can perform all tasks, AIWORK will combine various best of breed AI techniques to develop a Neural Network-based AI software with specific trained models to perform tasks such as visual recognition of faces, object scenes, visual recognition of ContentGraph attributes, auto speech-to-text transcription and auto text-to-text translation.

iii. Metadata Extraction

AI algorithms will be used to capture various types of metadata: source, derived, and added metadata or tagging.

iv. Human Experts Network

Humans are very important regardless of the rapid advancement in AI. For instance, they help label the data that will be fed to the algorithms and correct any wrong predictions made by the AI machines to improve the accuracy of future results.

AIWORK will use a multi-disciplinary, crowdsourced network of freelancers with skills in logging, tagging, metadata management, moderating, transcribing and translation which will empower the community with tools to enable individuals to create added metadata.

AIWORK will reward these crowdsourced human experts with tokens based on their accuracy and productivity. This approach not only provides a larger pool of human experts to choose from, the diversity of decision making process and the use of a consensus network can eventually lead to better results in AI accuracy.

Looking Forward.

The success of new platforms has increased video content consumption. It has been to manage, review and validate all the videos uploaded, causing content safety issues. For instance, some of these platforms have been accused of having violent, demonic and sexual content targeting children. Content providers can take advantage of the way a platform like YouTube catalogues and indexes video using titles, descriptions, tags and metadata.

AIWORK is a platform intended to solve this and many other challenges by providing a global network of crowdsourced AI human experts as well as advanced features to generate, verify and validate data sets. Users can get the right content in their own languages, while content providers and advertisers can access a wider market. The platform will reward its community with AWO token, a motivation factor that seeks to grow the community and offer more to users.