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1 Million Users Continue: UXLink Odyssey Where SocialFi Revolution Begins 

Singapore | Nov 28th, 2023: UXLINK is the pioneering web3 social system designed for mass adoption, allowing users to build social assets and trade cryptocurrencies. It encompasses a series of highly modularized Dapps, spanning from onboarding to graph formation, group tools, to socialized trading—all seamlessly integrated within Telegram. Since the launch of its first feature in late April 2023, the project has garnered over 1 million users and established a community globally. Supported by top-notch investors such as Sequoia Capital and ZhenFund, the founding team boasts extensive startup experience and a proven track record in social and socialized trading.

In contrast to other web3 social projects that often lack real-world application scenarios, UXLINK addresses this common question by deploying Groups as its landing application scene. Groups are the most human-friendly and minimum units in real-life social activities, however, there is longstanding conflict of interests between group owners and members. The more groundbreaking the innovation at the basic level, the more revolutionary it becomes. UXLINK is such a type of innovation.

What Makes UXLINK Stand Out in SocialFi?

UXLINK, is the first trust-focused social hub in web3. Leveraging Telegram as the foundation. The project provides a low-entry experience for WEB2 users to explore the value brought by WEB3 while allowing users to engage in social interactions using their real-world identities instead of complex wallet addresses. This approach enhances the trust among users.

UXLINK pioneers the transformation of real-world “cellular” social scenes, with groups serving as the practical landing scenario for user social graphs. By web3izing groups, UXLINK introduces a groundbreaking innovation in the web3 social sphere, addressing the longstanding issue of conflicting interests between group owners and members. Through the tokenization of group assets and the equitable distribution of benefits using web3 principles, UXLINK ensures long-term benefits for both group owners and members, bringing value to the entire web3 ecosystem at the cellular level.

UXLINK provides a series of practical tools within groups, facilitating active participation in web3 activities and transactions. These tools include group wallets, ensuring transparency in group interests; AI analyzers and trading tools, allowing group members to safely engage in investments and transactions with mutual support. Importantly, the group serves as a supportive environment, fostering a sense of security and collaboration for each group member.

Embarking on The Odyssey Campaign

As of now, UXLINK boasts over 1,000,000 users and 112,806 SBT holders. Their team is on the brink of launching the Odyssey Campaign in November 2023, providing everyone the chance to earn UXUY points through diverse social activities, enhancing their prospects for future airdrops.

The Odyssey Campaign is divided into four seasons, each providing users with opportunities to earn airdrops. These activities include completing social media tasks, inviting friends to join UXLINK, creating exclusive social groups, and engaging in trading competitions. The primary emphasis is on guiding users in establishing social groups and obtaining the valuable Gpass (UXLINK Dream Plan). Keep an eye out for official announcements from the UXLINK team at the end of this month.


UXLINK, launched in April 2023, is the first SocialFi Dapp, seamlessly linking real-world trust to decentralized scenarios through Telegram group. As the inaugural trust-focused platform in the web3 space, UXLINK guides users from web2 to web3, fostering unity and empowering social asset building and socialized trading. Backed by top-notch investors and boasting a user base exceeding 1 million, UXLINK is committed to reshaping social interactions in web3.